Angelina and Brad gone biking

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  1. Spotted a few days ago in Edmonton after doing some grocery shopping. I love them together!! :love:

    Not to mention I have a secret crush on Angelina to begin with, just like any other guy I know. Don't tell Megs though :amuse:

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  2. They definitely deserve each other! :suspiciou :rolleyes:
  3. Angelina is hot! I never used to think Brad was until I saw Troy, they make a cute couple in my book :smile:
  4. I like A. Jolie :smile: She's cool! Not a big fan of Brad. He's ok...
  5. Are youll gay? Do you really think she is hott?GROSS!!!
  6. I may be in the minority (not among my friends, but maybe here?) but I HATE Brad and Angelina. Although she is admittedly striking, I see her as a homewrecker and her whole "humanitarian" act as a bunch of BS to get attention. Brad is even worse. Not only did he cheat on his wife and leave her in a public and humiliating way, he had the audacity to pose in a spread for W magazine as if he and Angelina were husband and wife!

    Now admittedly I LOVE Jennifer Aniston and always have and have never found the appeal in Brad (I prefer Vince Vaughn any day, Brad always seemed vacuous and shallow to me). But his behavior was outrageous. And honestly, Angelina is too hard looking and creepy - something alien-like and trashy about her. She lacks elegance and refinement.

    My boyfriend, of course, thinks I am insane.
  7. I totally agree with you!! As I said, "They deserve each other!"
  8. And I agree with you both. How did she go from kissing her brother and carrying around a vile of blood to trying to save the world. Not to mention, just because she is a celeb, doesn't mean just any orphanage anywhere should give her a baby before everyone else on the long waiting lists. I don't like Angelina, I actually find her face to be too much to handle and overpowering (not in a good way), and I think she walked in on a marriage that wasn't her place to be in!

    Brad is hot of course! But I just hate the two together!!
  9. I completely agree with Fendibaglady. I think she's a complete homewrecker. My husband to thinks she's hot but I think Jennifer's hotter and has more going for her. I told my husby that I won't pay to see an Angelina movie ever again. I have a thing against homewreckers b/c I know what it's like when someone tries taking away someone that you have, i.e. his ex. =(
  10. Yes TOTALLY - one minute she is injecting heroin, making out with her brother (how disgusting) and having multiple "affairs" or however she put it and then she transforms herself into an "activist". It all seems disingenuous to me, as if her publicist told her to revamp her image. And I know someone trustworthy who works in the entertainment industry who verified that her and Brad were havin an affair for months while he was still married (not that I am surprised). To top that all off, she stole Laura Dern's fiance too! (The gross Billy Bob - maybe she did LD a favor since now LD is with the awesome Ben Harper).

    I find her transparent and fake. and WEIRD looking! Now I admit have a MAJOR thing against homewreckers. Jennifer Aniston was incredibly classy in my opinion and according to my friend who has met her she is the nicest of the "Friends" cast. Okay, RANT OVER. Well, one more thing - I also think AJ is an awful actress!
  11. i hate them both. the way they (mainly brad) behaved after the brake up is inacceptable. you don't do this to someone you loved and promised to cherish for the rest of your life. damn those two! go jen!!
  12. Exactly!!!
  13. Angelina is one of those women who sees an attached man as a challenge but it was incumbent on Brad to realize his attraction was easy bait for a divorce. Seems like he wanted a reason to leave, that he just got bored. Point is, he wanted out. Some men thrive on unpredictable, complex women. Angelina thrives on baiting and he wantonly followed. Now perhaps Jolie will tire of him. Anyway it won't be easy because they'll continue their patterns with other people of the opposite sex when they run into a "boring" period. He'll find another "intriguing, complex" woman who will flirt and gain his confidence; he'll complain about his life and end up following the other woman around. Angelina will find another reason to fly around the world and avoid problems and being in a settled relationship.

    As a side, I really dislike it when men deliberately seek out female friends to complain to about their wives or girlfriends, like the "woe is me, she doesn't do x, y, or z; she's not like you, you're so different." It's an easy way to get another woman's affection, compassion and confidence without sounding like he's trying overtly to flirt or hit on her. Brad's blabbing about Jen and babies etc. with Angelina invited her flirting and baiting and he didn't want to admit it in the end. That's what made me think badly of Brad. It's human nature to be attracted, it's also this thing called intelligence that we remind ourselves of our actions that could lead to marital or relationship strain. I hope Jen finds a solid, self-possessed guy to settle down with in the end.
  14. I think Angie is really hot, plus Brad was too in Troy. However, I'm with FendiBagLady and others on Brad's total insensitivity and degree of jerkdom for that W mag. spread....I mean, come on, how more insulting could you get!
  15. so true!!! they make me cringe!