Angelfish poses a question to Birkin gals...

  1. What size should I get?? :shrugs:

    Most of you know (since I am so excited and won't shut up about it!!) that I'm going to get my Bday Kelly with DH in a couple weeks. Problem is, all you wonderful ladies and your Birkins have been calling out to me, and now I think I may have changed my mind! Apparently DH thought I was getting a Birkin, not a Kelly, too so now I need to look more at them, I think.

    I have never seen a Birkin in the store and don't know what size would suit me, and while I think I could do an S.O. or buying from a trusted reseller, am afraid of doing the diligence and ending up with the wrong bag!!

    I am 5'9" and about a size 4. I have an athletic build (I used to compete and train for fitness competitions in the day) but I'm usually in hip hugging jeans and heels when I'm not working. I guess my business is pretty tough so I like being a girlie girl in my own time.

    Before I buy one or the other I'd like to have some kind of feel for it, what should I do? The 30 seems to really be gaining in popularity but I don't want to look like I'm holding my petite best friends bag for her!

    I live on the East Coast and have a car, so is it better to check out reseller stores, or what? I think there's some in NYC... How did you girls know? :shrugs:
  2. I would normally answer 35 but after seeing a pic of Melania Trump in Celebs with Hermes thread with her 30cm Birkin, I would have to say 30 would be a FABULOUS choice!
  3. I vote 35...that is my favorite size even though I am much shorter than you. I posted pix on the 5'4" size 2 thread so that you can see how a 5'3" gal looks with the 30 and 35. If you can get to a consignment shop and try some on that would be the best idea. I'd love to do that myself with a jpg! :smile:
  4. Angelfish - I am about the same proportions as you....5'9 and a 2-6, depending on the designer. I carry a 35....and when I tried on a 30 it seemed TINY. Having said that, a bright or exotic Birkin I'd pick in a 30, while my everyday/work/neutral Birkins are both 35. Hope this helps!
  5. ^^ that is a great point. I'd pick the 35 with a dark neutral but would stick with a 30 if it is a bright pop of color.
  6. OK, can you throw a few inches my way please????? Wish I could be of some help here but at 5'3" I can only pull off a 30cm.
  7. Please send any discarded inches to me Shopmom.. Of course once that you feel you are tall enough ;)
  8. Hey Angel girl, I think for your size you should go for the 35cm. I'm 5'4 and have both sizes. I prefer the 35cm for everyday and the 30cm for when I dont need to hold much. Check out the action thread. Most of the ladies put their stats on there. You can see how tall they are in contrast to their Birkins.
  9. Angelfish, do you normally carry big bags or small bags?
  10. You can have some off my legs.....35" inseam for flats!! Finding pants is a nightmare.
  11. I second Wingnut & SP's remarks. I'm 5'3" and when I first got my 30cm was surprised by how small it seemed; now that I'm used to it, I love it for the reasons SP cited and use it for dressier occasions. I think Wingnut has a great point about the color you decide on too, although I think the 35cm should work beautifully on you with your height.
  12. i'm 5'4" tall and i find the 30s small for me plus i've gained some weight. when i carry them, it just emphasizes my weight. the illusion of a big bag on me makes me smaller (if there's such a thing?!#$). LOL.

    but if a 30 birkin croc comes my way - i'll be so torn!
  13. I think 35 will suit you best ;)
  14. I think a 35 would be just right in neutral every day colors; a 30 would be nice in a bright fun color.....
  15. I'm 5'7 and have a 35 and 30. I use the 30 for times when I don't have to carry a lot of junk with me. I like both, but the 35 is definitely more practical.