Angeleno style?

Mar 10, 2007
This may be a weird question, but I thought I would ask it anyway.

I've lived in Chicago for a long time - 8 years total, and San Francisco for 2. So I've got a pretty good sense of what makes Chicago and SF style. However, there is a very good possibility (fingers crossed) that Mr. Bitty will be relocating us to LA.

I've heard so many stories about LA fashionwise that I'm practically paralyzed. There was a fab McQueen jacket on sale at NM but it was an investment piece, and I didn't want to get it unless it was "LA style."

So, ladies, is LA structured or non-structured? Floaty or tailored? My floaty SF tops turned up noses here in Chicago, which is currently embracing more NYC looks. My student showed up for her dissertation defense here in Chicago in a plunging neckline and huge chunky necklace. Totally inappropriate for here (and the occasion) but she has been living in LA for over a year. She told me that LA girls are into plunging necklines and even her bosses at a non-profit tell her to "check out" an interviewee's clothes to see if "they're well put together." She also told me that everything has to "match."

Does anyone have any thoughts for me? I tend to buy expensive and classic pieces that last for a very long time (I just purged some '97 stuff), but I'm afraid to take advantage of the great sales!!! HELP! :P
Having lived in Chicago my whole childhood/youth (23 years) and now in SF for another 10 years, I know what you mean! I travel down to LA a lot and have observed that their style is very Rachel Zoe/Nicole Richie.....casual but put together. Lots of accessories, sandals, skin-baring but not SO skin-baring that it's like Miami chic (where you can practically go to work in a bikini!), and just amenable to very warm weather, i.e. no wool suits and such. I see a lot of tank tops, skirts, ballet flats, sandals, designer sunglasses/bags. You rarely see coats but you'll definitely see jackets in the cooler months. The look is not "tailored" since it's such a casual place, but it is more floaty and bohemian....but still sexy and trendy. ALWAYS about the latest youthful trends.
The look is not "tailored" since it's such a casual place, but it is more floaty and bohemian....but still sexy and trendy. ALWAYS about the latest youthful trends.

Well, good thing I kept my floaty things -- the skirts and tops that Chicagoans think make me a stinky hippie! :rolleyes:

ETA: Can you say more about the "accessories?" As in lots of designer bags/latest IT bag, or jewelry, or 'all of the above?'
Yes! ITA! w/ KristyDarling.

IMO, basicaly its very trendy, designer items everywhere! Basically everyone LOOKS GOOD!

Think: Luxury car, big money Chanel bag, Jimmy Choo sandals, the new "it" whitney sunglasses by Tom Ford... very MONEY!
I think designer accessories are common, but so are trendy accessories like elastic belts and chunky necklaces.

Good idea to keep the floaty pieces.. not too much tailored outfits around here from what I see, unless you have a business call. Jeans and flip flops are a must.... as mentioned before, casual but put together. You can also get away with more skin baring than in most cities IMO, ie tank tops to work.