Angelblake's bags

  1. Hi, I'm new, but want to show off part of my collection at once :smile:

    Meanwhile there have been new additions though. I also wanted to add that I live in Germany and therefore have many brands you probably don't know as there are: Goldpfeil, Bree, Freitag, Airbag...maybe those inspire you!
    Purse Forum 1.jpg Purse Forum 2.jpg Purse Forum 3.jpg Purse Forum 4.jpg Purse Forum 5.jpg Purse Forum 6.jpg Purse Forum 7.jpg le bag.jpg
  2. Willkommen im PF! Danke, dass Du deine Kollektion mit uns teilst. ;)
  3. Wowow! Thanks for sharing.
  4. That's quite a collection! Very nice. Thanks for sharing =)
  5. very cool collection. so many bags
  6. Colorful collection!
  7. Welcome! Lovely collection! I really like your yellow bag in the first picture! You have great taste! Thanks for the pictures!
  8. Nice collection.
  9. Wow, you have alot of bags! Very nice collection ... thanks for sharing!
  10. thanks y'all! :biggrin:
  11. the bag in the first picture is actually from H&M! But real leather and very soft too...
  12. Wow. Just wow. Beautiful collection :heart:3
  13. wow! awesome collection!
  14. I know you like to see pictures, so here is some more stuff I love :smile: (hope this works)
    Purse Forum 1.jpg Purse Forum 2.jpg Purse Forum 3.jpg
  15. one more
    Purse Forum Bree.jpg