Angela's Tiny Collection But It Shall Grow ;)

  1. & the husband thinks that I have way too much... HA, I'm not even remotely close to being done:P
    purses.jpg ckpurse.jpg
  2. Thanks for sharing! Always love to look at different bags ;)
  3. Thanks for sharing, Nice collection :smile:
  4. Very nice, thanks for sharing w/ us!
    ALso, welcome to tPF!
  5. Nice collection!
  6. Welcome! Wonderful collection! I love the Calven Klein bag with the matching wallet! I also love the little pooch in the background! ;)Thanks for the pictures!!!
  7. ^ Agree! The CK bag and wallet are great! Welcome!
  8. THanks for sharing I love the yellow Guess bag!
  9. Very nice! I love how you labeled your collection =)
  10. Nice collection, the Guess bags and the bag from Target are really cute! Keep the collection growing!
  11. Thx for sharing! The CK is hot.
  12. I like the target bag! It's so CUTE!!!
  13. I just saw the Ck at the Folsom outlets! They have some great stuff!
  14. welcome! thanks for sharing ur collection.. yah.. after a while in the PF, ur collection will def grow :smile:
  15. Ah! Love the CK in the first picture and all the Guess!