angela simmons

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  1. Can we have a angela simmons thread?? I have requested a thread for her years ago.
  2. you don't have to ask.. just start posting pics and such
  3. +1
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    So, so far almost all of Rev Run's kids have babies out of wedlock

  5. Oh wow
  6. Glad she has some water to quench her thirst.

    I lost track of the number of mug shots her fiancé has. Seems like he had a different hairstyle in each one.

  7. What?????? What did I miss?!?!?!?! The preacher's daughter got knocked up and a shot gun engagement by an ex con?
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    So much for her saving her virginity for marriage. Instead she gets impregnated by an ex-convict con artist.

    angelasimmons We are overjoyed and super excited to receive a blessing this big! Starting a family was something that I could have only dreamed of.



    via instagram
  9. Yes gurl!
  10. Oh lawd
  11. My dear. Do the Googles. It is out there. The mug shots are plentiful. I like Run. But is he a preacher? I don't know.
  12. Reverend Run's pulpit is his bathtub. All the talk about abstinence and none of his kids are married but now 3 of them have babies out of wedlock. All the men Angela has access too this is who she fell for, a scammer. She must be ashamed since she's kept him a mystery. Oh well
  13. Who is she?
    Who is Run?

  14. Run is the Run in Run DMC
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  15. Ah. I thank you.
    My adidas' thank you :smile: