Angela Simmons gucci boston bag

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  1. Does anyone know which exact bag and color Angela Simmons has been carrying on the MTV show "daddy's girls"?? thanks
  2. Are you talking about the camouflage boston? If so, that Louis Vuitton.
  3. no....not the LV. She was carrying a light colored Gucci boston bag on the last episode
  4. ^^I saw it too. I think it was the Joy Boston Bag in pink guccissima but I could be wrong. It was really cute though!
  5. It looked like crystal GG or patent pink. It was definitely shiny.
  6. ^^are those still avail? def looked shiny to me also

  7. Thats my guess.
  8. sorry i think was an episode behind. looks like what iluvpurses said. I know that its not on the Gucci USA but look at the others like France its there.
  9. It looked like a Guccissima pink boston.
  10. Styledrops also has the bag. I'm not sure if $919 US is a good price. A lot of their bags are more expensive than what's on the gucci website.