Angela - keeper?

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  1. Sorry I don't have my own pics yet so I pasted this link from Bergdorf.
    I went to NM Last Call looking for a soft calf Blake in black. They only had So Cool Blakes but they had the Angela and she carried so nicely on my shoulder I couldn't resist taking her home.
    I have a Blake in dark plum which is so cool leather so the Angela will be more different.
    I love the way Angela carries on shoulder but Blake carries OK on shoulder and nicely on arm, whereas Angela is not so great on arm.
    To me Blake is a bit more dressy looking but Angela still has a polished look for a hobo.
    Opinions? Any Angela owners who can comment on organization? Blake is really good for that aspect.
    Thank you.;jsessionid=IVVIV1BH0GYPUCQAAKLBPVY?itemId=prod42310014&parentId=cat80012&masterId=cat20056&index=14&cmCat=cat000000cat000002cat000008cat30005cat20056cat80012
  2. i LOVE the angela!!!!!
    i have to resist driving to last call right now! :lol:
  3. you got it in black?
    I love this bag. I really want one in Bordeaux this fall
    While it's not as big and/or the same as the Lg MP, I do find it pretty similar and I love the leather I've been seeing on these bags. I'd love to see the one you actually bought, as well as a modeling shot -- that'll really help us judge whether or not you should keep it
  4. ^ yes I agree with iluv! When you are able to take modeling pix we would love to see. I too want the black. I got the white one sale but I just couldn't keep it because I was too worried about getting it dirty~
  5. I'm not as aware of the different leathers as you ladies but it feel nice and soft to me. I'll try to post modeling pics soon.
  6. Here are some pics....hope this tells you something about the leather

    Attached Files:

  7. the angela looks fantastic on you! she is def a keeper in my opinion! the leather looks really soft and supple and the bag hangs really nicely. i like that flat shoulder strap - much more comfy than the rolled straps. congrats!
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    I've actually seen the Angela in Navy at both Nordstroms and the MbyMJ store and the leather was super soft, smooth and slightly distressed. I recently saw the Black Angela (and Large Angela -- which is REALLY big!!) and noticed that the black was different. The black was soft but the leather has this fine sheen to it -- it almost looked glittery (or sparkly). It was actually different from the Navy. Both leathers were super soft however and I loved them both

    The bag looks great on you and the leather looks fantastic. What are your thoughts on the bag? Have you had a chance to try it out or were you just modeling it for us? I love the soft & slouchy look of this bag and the shoulder strap is definitely very comfortable
  9. i think the angela looks great on you!! it looks like a keeper to me. it's a bit different from the blake, but i like it better because of the flat straps and the one compartment.
  10. I love the angela on you. It's definitely a keeper IMO. Though i agree it's more casual than blake. but it's totally diferent and looks great on you
  11. it looks hot!
  12. I say keep her! Its FAB!!!
  13. Yes, I think she's a keeper. Thank so much for all your kind comments. I'm excited too that I seem to have gotten a spring/summer 09 bag that is still being sold for full retail on sale already. Love a deal!
  14. i'm glad to hear it's a keeper. it looks great on you and it sounds like you really love it. congrats!
  15. I just came back here to see where you got this bag again! I can't believe NM Last Call had this already! Lucky girl I must say!!!:biggrin: