Angela Frascone "anti-status" purses - your opinions, please.

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  1. Hi, having done a search on this forum and seen nothing about Angela Frascone purses/wallets, could I ask if any of you have seen/bought any of her bags - IMHO they look stunning online. What's the quality like?

    Some examples c/o google, yahoo:

  2. i've never seen her bags.. actually, i don't think i've ever heard of it til now..
  3. I really like these designs. There is one with a fish that I am tempted by.

    I have one handmade bag from a different designer that I bought at an art fair two years ago that I love as much as my more expensive bags.
  4. I've never seen/heard of these purses before, maybe I'm out of the loop cause I'm out of the US ?
  5. I've never heard of or seen these bags before, but they are very pretty! I especially like the one with the bamboo handles!
  6. I've never heard of her either. Honestly, they're not for me, I don't like them much.
  7. same here, I don't think I would buy them for myself.. but I know others appreciate the bags...
  8. They are interesting, but not something that I would buy.
  9. funky and fun looking bags, but I will never buy it. It's not my style
  10. Thanks for all the responses so far.

    Funky - good description :biggrin:
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