Angel Purse Update from Jackie


Dec 27, 2006
I thought this warranted it's own thread, in case it got lost!

An Update!:

Jackie just got back to me. She is so awesome - I would seriously intern at her shop for free! LOL! Her responses in green.

1. Is this strap detachable?

This is why we didn’t add it in the first place, but I think we can probably find a way to do it. The zip goes all around on this design so it would have to be attached to the zip with a ring.

2. Is this something that can now be added aftermarket (some gals just purchased a pewter AP and wanted to know if they can have an "add on"

If we do it in the way described above, I don’t see why not - but they would have to pay for it. I have no idea how much that would cost at this moment, but it wouldn’t be much.

3. Any other colors besides pewter and purple crash planned for Fall?

I haven’t actually planned or ordered any colours yet…I think I prefer to see what the interest is and make those colours.

4. If we can gather enough gals for a bespoke (8-10?) would it be possible to start a production run with straps?

Yes. It is a small item though, so this would be the minimum.


Mar 13, 2007
I like the idea that the strap would be detachable. I use mine in my purse so I wouldn't need the strap unless I felt like using it just as a little night out bag. I am thinking I might like one in tan!