Angel purse or Kiss me clutch? Bigger?

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  1. I can read the dimensions but which actually holds more stuff?

  2. The Kiss Me Clutch holds quite a lot more. It is also longer if, for instance, you want to take a decent hairbrush out to a party, rather than just a stubby one or a folding comb.

    What do you want to use the baglet for?
  3. The kiss me would hold more
  4. lesibly - -here are some comparison pictures:

  5. Thanks Jenova - I just want to use it for a few essentials, perhaps on quickie errand kind of days. Or to go out at night on that rare occasion lol. Money, cards, keys, cell, hand sanitizer.
  6. Ooooh! Thanks finzup for those GREAT pics! That really helps a lot to see the size diff. I didn't realize the depths were the same. I wonder why the AP seems much more popular.
  7. The AP is something that can easily fit in your bag... for cards, cash, lipstick, a cellphone, etc. The kiss me (at least to me) would almost be too big for the inside of my bag -- I prefer to use it as a wristlet when heading out on the town. I probably wouldn't use an AP for a night out on the town, but I would use it to run to the grocery store.
    The kiss me reminds me of a giant taco... while the AP is like a pillow :smile:
  8. LOL! It is like a taco!
  9. the taco reference is hilarious but I don't know if that makes it more or less appealing! lol
  10. Why am I craving tacos all of a sudden?:P
  11. I just got my first AP today and am loving it! Does the KM have the separate little compartments, too?
  12. Yes, it has the pockets on the sides.