Anemone only in epsom ?

  1. Good evening.

    For a bag, is anemone only available in epsom or chèvre ?

    Thank you.
  2. i saw bags in togo, which bag?
  3. Good evening, Juss. Evelyne.
  4. I think I remember seeing a B in Togo from a reseller online a few months back.
  5. Anemone is available in Togo too. My b25 is Togo
  6. In Togo and swift too
  7. Anemone evelynes are only available in epsom.
  8. good evening! i am afraid epsom only.
  9. Many leathers when this color was launched bout 3 yrs ago
    However its rested now
    Gd luck with your hunting
  10. It's showing up in stores in few items. I got constance in anemone about 2 months ago and few other things recently. I got offered anemone ghilles b few weeks ago so it's coming here and there
  11. Thank you everyone for your help. Have a very nice Sunday.