anemone ghillies?

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  1. Hello everyone in this TPF! I just want to share and ask for your kind opinion about what my SA and I talked about when I last visited my H store. First of all, I just went there to collect my H Heur watch strap. My SA asked me if I want to see a kelly 32 bamboo in togo with ghw, i said of course why not. Then she showed it to me and i fell in love and asked if i can buy it and bring it home. She said no! Apparently, I need to wait until march because she already reached her quota this month. I found this silly that H would do this but then i said okay i can wait as long as I can get it eventually. Then after that she ask me if i also wanted anemone birkin ghillies 30? She said there is one coming soon but in phw, my SA knows i am more into ghw. She said the combination is togo and swift in same color anemone. The flap and the ghillies lace-like detailing will be in swift leather and everything else (body of the bag) will be in togo leather. She even showed me the swatch of the two leathers and told me that there is a difference in color when the 2 colors combine and I think it looks very nice for a subtle contrast. She said they ordered only one in the store and when it gets in i will be the first one she will call. What a sweet SA she is! My question is, has anyone one of you seen a ghillies in this color combination, and does it look nice in PHW? Is this bag considered a limited edition or rare? I've never owned a ghillies before and I'm not entirely sure that I love the design. Kindly post picture and share here if someone has it.
  2. First I think your SA is a sweetheart for sure, she seems like a dream to be working with.
    Both bags your mentioned sound devine, I am no help here since I haven't seen any new collection in person. But the anemone birkin ghillies 30 sounds very interesting, would like to see a picture if anyone has one. :biggrin:
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    I generally prefer GHW, but for a beautiful color like that, I would want to see how PHW looks with it in person.
  4. The bag sounds beautiful. I would want to see pictures :smile:
  5. I had seen it in a magazine n took a snap shot of it... However it's in black n white color. Just need to imagine it in anemone color. Hope it helps...;)

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  6. Apparently the bi-leather ghillie is a new thing. I have heard of one in Swift and Grizzly. I, too, would love to see more pictures! I think it sounds great!
  7. Yes, my SA is a darling and the sweeties! The combinations sound divine but more so if it's in ghw!
    Same here i prefer gold hardware with this color, but oh well you can not get everything you want with Hermes!
    I would like to see pictures too! But the way i imagining it, it will a fabulous birkin!
  8. Oh! thank you so much for taking your time for posting it here. We'll appreciated. At least i can see how the togo and swift leather looked if combined together. It looks beautiful!
    Thanks so much Mindi for chiming in! I saw the swift and grizzly but not the swift and togo leather ghillies. I would love to see more pictures especially Birkin ghillies in anemone!:love::love:
  9. This combo sounds so beautiful! I would at least look at it and decide at that point. Can you only have one and can you SA hold the Kelly for you until you see the Ghillies?
  10. No i can buy both! Good thing that i can have both and not worrying which one to pick! The two bags... a kelly bamboo and birkin anemone will be my quota for this year. I am just torn between plain birkin anemone with ghw or this ghillies birkin anemone but with phw. I am more into gold hardware but it is hard to pass on this ghillies even it's with palladium hardware because i think it is a special bag. The combo of the two leathers create subtle contrast color which i think is beautiful! I love to see more photos and kind opinions to help me decide! :hugs::smooch:
  11. ^oh I see. I think purple looks great with SHW and GHW. Tough choice. I am not fussed on HW so I would get the Ghillies for its uniqueness.
  12. Your SA is very sweet to tell you what is coming. My SA always said she has no idea. You should take definitely check it out. Anemone is a beautiful color.
  13. Oh wow, I can imagne how beautiful is this Anemone Ghillies~ PLEASE kindly share the pic with us when u bring this baby home!!
  14. I think the gillies is beautiful bag, gold hardware will look richer but the phw will be more fresh and modern. If you already have a few bags with gold hardware why not have a phw for a change?
  15. Personally I really don't mind the hardware, but I prefer PHW, its just not tiring. Bs and Ks are classic forever bag and I would like to use them as long as God permitting precious time I've got.