Andrew Marc Suede Faith Bag - Whad'ya think?

  1. So I'm at Marshall's today - where I usually stop on the weekends just to see what kind of "goodies" I can find (I found my beloved Michael Kors Astor Satchel one weekend as well as my favorite 7 for all Mankind Denim Jacket!). I'm looking around & see quite a few Cole Haan bags (they're never the "nice" bags - these were straw & leather - Yuck!) - so I get to the last rack, and this suede bag kinda jumps out at me. I notice the price tag is $249, so I figure it must be some higher-priced designer. I pull it out and notice that it's an Andrew Marc! Now, in all my visits to Marshall's, I've never seen an Andrew Marc. Michael Kors, yes. The occasional Cole Haan, yes. And of course, there's usually a D&B and Coach or two around. (I've heard of some PF members finding IF and MJ but I've never been so lucky!)

    I immediately looked it over. The tags were all attached. The sleeper folded nicely inside. Even the registration card was tucked inside the pocket. The bag was a really nice rust/brownish color - perfect for fall. I really liked how the bag looked hanging on my shoulder. Honestly, I don't think I would have given this bag a second look if I had seen it online, but seeing it IRL and trying it on - I really kinda liked it!!

    The only thing I wasn't sure of is that it's primarily suede. The leather striping down the front & back was noticeably soft, as was the leather wrap on the handle. I decided to put it on lay-a-way - in order to give myself time to think about it, and do a little research (I buy too many times on impulse, thank God Marshall's has lay-a-way!!)

    So what do you guys think of this bag- It looks just like this one (which is $450 at Bloomingdales BTW!), except the color is rust w/"luggage" colored leather. I've never owned a suede bag (other than suede lined bags), although some of them do catch my eye. I'm always afraid that they're going to be impossible to maintain.

  2. i have never bought a suede bag either...i am too obessive and would just be too afraid. i think it is a beautiful bag...but if you don't think you will use it then i wouldn't get it...i'm not even sure i would get something with suede lining though and you said you have had one with the lining in suede so maybe i am more paranoid than you are!!
  3. I actually have lots of bags w/suede lining - most of my MJ bags are suede lined as is my Gryson Olivia. I don't have a hard time maintaining them. I have a small suede eraser that I use on small spots and a suede brush I use on larger areas. If it gets really dirty (sometimes around the inner zipper pocket or right along the top edge), I'll use a suede cleaner.
  4. My BV Veneta is suede lined inside, but I wouldn't want a bag with a suede outside -- too hard to keep clean. I do think rust would be prettier and easier to maintain than that taupe color, though...
  5. Gorgeous purse, great price. Are you considering this bag for everyday use? I wouldn't carry suede for every-day, but if it's not for every day, and you can afford it, then get it. It will be a great fall color.
  6. I have suede bags and like them because they clean up with a suede brush--you can't do that with leather:nogood:. I've never had a big spill though...

    It's a beautiful bag, so if you think you can handle the suede, go for it!:tup:
  7. Oh, I love that bag! My only concern with suede is my shedding dog. Fur will fly up onto suede anything so that I'm always "plucking" my bag. Honestly, I'd go for it. I think that is a beauty!
  8. I think it is very nice! I have a bag with suede interior (original MJ Stella) and it's not very hard to take care of. I used to carry it everyday and with a suede brush, it cleaned right up. I did leave an uncapped pen in it (yikes!) but with a thorough cleaning at a show place, the suede looked good as new when I got it back. Can't say the same for leather - the texture always changes a bit when it is cleaned, IMO.
  9. Not my cup of tea. But a suede bag sure is nice, but not for everyday use IMO.
  10. Nice find; the TJ Maxx down the street from me had several Andrew Marc bags, really nice ones.
    I have a suede Coach bag and I dont really use it anymore because it always gets dirty. But I might just not be careful enough.