Andrew Marc bags


    So far I have tried out a few AM handbags. I have one that I purchased and use it on occasion. I tried out AM Harness "Breed" small tote from Bag Barrow Steal and loved it, but the magnets kept getting stuck on things:shame:. I saw this one on the AM website and rather like it. Any opinions on Andrew Marc...I saw another one on BBS and I'm going to test drive that one.:tup:

    ***sorry bout the big pic***
  2. I saw one in TJ Maxx awhile ago and I regret not getting it.
  3. What a coincidence... me too!
  4. My local TJ Maxx locations have had Andrew Marc bags too. They were really nice, but they were in styles I didn't care for. Otherwise, I might have grabbed one.
  5. I LOVE his style. There are some at the Nordstrom Rack near me and I'm mulling one over in my head too. I think the leather is wonderful and the designs are original. If you can find one marked down, I say go for it!
  6. There are always a bunch of AM bags at my local NR. They do look like quality leather for the price :tup:
  7. AM just had a sample sale like 2 weeks ago. I picked up a great bag int his blue/purple color
  8. [​IMG]
  9. I actually put an Andrew Marc on lay-away at TJ Maxx a while ago, but changed my mind because I found something else I liked better. It was a very soft leather shoulder bag for $299. I also saw a suede version of the same bag at Marshalls for $250 (it was a pretty rust color). Later on, I saw the same bags & others at Nordstrom Rack. From what I could tell, the leather's pretty thick & soft and the bags were all around $300. They all looked pretty well made and very unique styles.
  10. I like the style of this handbag, the price is well within my budget for now...yes, I hate to believe this but christmas is coming....and coming fast. :hysteric:With gifts and my addiction to handbags....the scales of shopping are teetering.....and tottering:wacko:
  11. I saw this bag (the purple one) at Neiman's today and it is beautiful! What a great deep.
    Deep Purple...sounds familiar...rambling...