andrew marc and kooba elisha have arrived

  1. and i think i like the andrew marc better! i have several koobas and love them to pieces, but, there's something about the andrew marc..maybe it's the silver's the thing (and i hope i don't sound like a bag snob!!!)..until my sa at nieman's mentioned andrew marc, i had never heard of them...soooo, i'm cautious about using a bag that i haven't heard tons about from tpf'ers...but, then again...aren't there other brands that weren't very popular until people started using them?!?!? (distorted logic?!?!)...
    any thoughts?
    a safe, happy and enjoyable 4th to all!
  2. I've heard Andrew Marc mentioned -- I know Grechen of Grechen's Closet is a fan. I think the handbag line is relatively new, Andrew Marc is mostly known for leather jackets. I love discovering up and coming lines that haven't hit mainstream! Please post a pic!
  3. can you post pics of the bags you got?

    I remember when you first posted asking about AM - I found a few bags at The Bag Shop that looked really nice, but if I remember correctly, the bag you bought wasn't quite as soft as those bags were. Or maybe the pic that was posted only made it look less slouchy & soft.
  4. FAITH

    here is a picture of the "faith", it's very soft and squishy and has some great braided detailing and silver hardware...
  5. I like it. Did you get it in black? What is the interior like? I am so anal about a bag having inside pockets.
  6. Whenever I browse the online stores, these bags always catch my eye for the gorgeous leather. The bag you got is beautiful.
  7. inside is great...with pockets! outside pockets too that aren't "obvious" and just part of the integrity of the design...thanks for the feedback; keep it coming!!!
    happy 4th!
  8. That is a great looking bag, congrats! I saw his bags IRL and I loved the leather.
  9. I love the Faith bag posted. I have also looked at them in the store but the size or the handle lengths were always off for me for the ones the store carried. I have a leather jacket by AM and it's really nice so I imagine the bags would be too.
  10. hey zoey...
    several posts have commented on handle size re: AM bags...the handle on this bag is great; fits very comfortably over the shoulder...the hardware is also much better irl than in pics...
    : )
  11. I have an andrew marc sophia... love the bag.. love the color. it came with this little fox tail thing that's removeable... i immediately took that off.
    the leather is greattttt on it
  12. [​IMG]
  13. yay!! i have that bag, but in the large size, and i love it. the leather is different than the leather on my madison hobo, but it's still very nice, and will last forever.
  14. That faith bag looks great!
  15. Lo and behold, I was in Marshall's today and they had one andrew marc....your very bag....which was absolutely amazing. It was an off white and the price was $299. The bag is quite large, but the leather was pillow soft. Loved the detailing on it. I don't believe I have ever seen andrew marc at Marshalls, that was the first time.