Andrea Yates found not guilty

  1. **Story breaking, I just have a squib*

    Andrea Yates was insane when she drowned her children in a bathtub, the jury found on Wednesday. The verdict of not guilty of murder through reason of insanity means she will be committed to a mental institution, not sent to prison. Yates stood silently, appearing stunned, as the verdicts were read in a court in Texas.
  2. What can you really comment on this one? May there just be peace.
  3. There really isn't much to say, no one with a sane, healthy mind would ever do what she did, she is mentally ill and I guess the institution is the place for her.
  4. Nothing can bring back 5 innocent little children drowned by their OWN MOTHER in their own home. I still tear up every time I hear about this story. :crybaby:

    I don't understand the torture and hell of mental illness and how it could drive someone to do something so unspeakable. I only pray she can get help so she can never harm anyone again. When she dies they should do an exam of her brain to see if there are meds that can be developed to treat this.
  5. I'm not really sure what to say... I wonder why her husband didn't see this coming. I'm sure there were signs.
  6. i dont care what illness she had. she should have been guilty.
  7. Cant comment..makes me so sad...
    She must have been really ill to do it..I would die if anything ever happened to my kids..they are my life...she really must be sick.
  8. Oh. There are no words. :sad: Just a sad, horrible, tragic, unspeakable event.:sad:
  9. I'm going to share something very personal with all of you because I hope it will aid all of us in understanding what the human mind can do.

    After I had my son, about 4-5 days later I fell into this HORRIBLE post-pardom depression. There are 3 stages of this-- baby blues, post-pardom depression, and post-pardom psycosis. It's very horrible.

    I did not want to be married with a child, I did not want my son. I did not want a baby. I felt these things so real inside myself. I told my husband what was wrong with me but warned him to NOT tell anyone in our family because I coudln't face the shame. He must have looked it up on the net and kept coming home everyday with stuff for me to read about it. I kept saying I DO NOT HAVE THIS, THIS IS HOW I REALLY FEEL. I did not touch my son for 3 weeks after we came home. My mother came everyday and took care of him and I layed on my bed, and my hubby took care of him all night long. I was so ashamed of myself for feeling that way and could tell no one. I kept thinking that they didn't deserve a wife and mother like me but what could I do? Could I run away somewhere, just leave them? If so, then I could never face anyone again. I even thought that I was so horrible for feeling this way that maybe I should kill myself. But I was to afraid to do that too. I did not know that this post-pardom even exsisted. After about 3 1/2 weeks, it just subsided, it just lifted off me and I was completley fine and in love with my baby and my husband. I was very lucky.

    That doesn't happen for everyone. Some women's hormones are so raging and mess up the chemicals in their brain so badly that they either need drugs or counseling to overcome it. Some women do not overcome it and those are the ones that develop a pyscosis. It's really a terrible thing.

    I would have never harmed my child but what if my depression had deepened, what if I had never spoke to my husband about it?? What could I have done out of depression and shame and a mind that was so overblown with all those things? I don't know. And no one knows until you go through something like that.

    Only a person who is very ill and so far from reality would do something like Andrea Yates did. She needs help, very serious, intense help, to control her brain so that she can think like a normal functioning person again. And once she does, and comes to the full understanding of what she did.......can you even think of a worse punishment for a mother than to have to live with that for the rest of the days that you are alive? I can't.

    Just wanted to share this.
  10. Hi tr444, so sorry to hear that happened to you, but glad you're all better now!
  11. Looks like she will be released soon from the mental facility according to the news.
  12. So sorry tr444. Thank you for sharing. That took a great deal of courage to confront head on and recognize. What a wonderful husband and family you have for looking after you and your child.

    Therapy and medication work, and we should never feel guilty about admitting that. Mental illness is a real illness like diabetes or cancer.

    God bless.
  13. Dear God, Traci, I can only imagine how you felt. I have suffered from depression since I was a teen and I know that these thoughts and feelings are as real to you as air. I did try to kill myself when I was 14 and thought about how I would do it many times after that. I'm so thankful you came out of your post pardum. That is one thing I am terrified of if I ever have children. Going off my medication to go through pregnancy scares the living daylights out of me!

    But regardless of that, I was (and am) still responsible for my actions. Andrea should have been found guilty. What she did was wrong, dispicable, disgusting. Mental illness isn't an excuse to get away with murder.
  14. I know someone who also had severe post partum depression. She got so bad that she called her husband from her cell phone and told him she was contemplating driving her car off a cliff with her and her baby inside. This person is a top attorney and highly educated. Her husband found out where she was and came there immediately and took her to the hospital. She was admitted and there for a week. She had severe post partum depression. It is a real thing and can make women literally lose their minds. I am very happy the jury in this case did the right thing. I am not trying to dismiss what Andrea Yates did, but this woman has an ILLNESS that is not unlike schitzophrenia. She does not belong in prison.

    I also think her husband is complicit in what happened to her as well. He was irresponsible and knew she had struggled with this after prior pregnancies.
  15. [insert severely sarcastic tone]:censor:

    Well, according to Tom Cruise all you need to do is take some vitamins and do some exercise since there's no such thing as post-partum depression.

    [delete severely sarcastic tone]:censor:

    Hi Tr444,

    Yes, post-partum is real. Thanks to the powers that be, I only suffered that mild "crash" you have 3-5 days after my daughter was born. I remember lots of down times, but it wasn't post-partum.

    It's a shame that even in this day and time, so many people have the "Oh, just snap out of it!" mentality about psychiatric disorders. Our bodies run on chemicals, hormones and "power surges" so anytime one or all gets out of whack (hellloooooo pregnancy!), so do our emotions and ability to reason.

    As to Andrea Yates, I wasn't there. I'm not her, don't know her. I won't pass judgment one way or the other on her because it's not my place to do that. There must have been some very compelling evidence for the verdict to have come back as it did. Five murder convictions wouldn't be overturned otherwise.
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