Andrea Satchel

  1. I just noticed its available at!!! What are you feelings on the Andrea?
  2. I love it because my name is Andrea!!! It is not a style that I would usually carry but I have to have it since it is named after me!

    What color do you like the best?
  3. Just found it - its not coming up on the main page, I had to search for it.

    I really like it!! The fatigue and cognac are great. The white, on the other hand - not so great. IMO

    Cute handbag - not sure I would spend that much on one, but cute!
  4. I bought it in black two weeks ago in black and returned it immediately. I didn't like it at all and it was too large. It looked more like a tote than a satchel. It was not worth the $$$.
  5. i dont like it...especially those grommets.
  6. maybe in the minority, i LOVE in cognac. haven't seen irl yet though.

    i'm currently debating it vs. a lv speedy 25.
  7. I kind of like the fatigue.
  8. I like it a lot but it's the same price as a LV, I just got a LV Speedy 30 and would much prefer that! Now granted I also bought the Legacy Leather Satchel and LOVE it but I bought it during the 25% off days too which made it a little better... but still
  9. The white Andrea is my favorite of the spring line. I really love it!!
  10. I dont think I'm a fan, something about the studs in the corners kind of turn me off. .

  11. It's okay in the cognac but I'm not lovin' it.

    abandonedimages - I agree with you ... it's the studs.
  12. so i saw it irl last weekend. NOT feeling it at all. it's too big and boxy (and i love the big bags). i still love teh color cognac, and if they made it about 1/2 the size i'd seriously consider it. but not as it is now.

    i'm so sad. this was going to be my big spring purchase.
  13. It's okay.
  14. I actually like it, which surprised me a lot!
  15. heh i don't like it much...