Andrea or Satchel

  1. I am looking to purchase either the Andrea in the Fatigue or the Legacy Satchel in Natural. Does anyone have either one of these bags? I am torn. My SA says that she likes the Andrea better. I love the Fatigue color! I have always liked the Legacy satchel. Please give me your best recommendation. If you have pictures of either of these bags, please post them.


  2. Ok, are you in my head!!! We are in the exact same situation. Andrea in Cognac for me though or the Legacy in Natural. I'm leaning towards the Legacy though.
  3. I am leaning towards the Legacy also!! I originally wanted it in white b/c I have the Ali in Whiskey and Black, but I figure the natural won't get as dirty as fast as the white. I do like the Andrea, but I can't tell without seeing it in person. My closest store is about 1.5 hrs away. It has been snowing like crazy here in PA. There isn't a chance that I'll be getting there soon. I would buy the Andrea and return it if I really didn't like it, but I hate returning things (especially a Coach bag)! Decisions...decisions....decisions....