Andrea Brueckner Vegas? Help?

  1. Hi
    I've never seen her bags in person but wanted to know if the Vegas bag comes in just one size? Is there a small size and large size?

    Thanks for your help!!!
  2. I've got the vegas bucket. I think it only comes in one size. What color are you getting?
  3. Hi

    I found one on sale at ADESA for 299.00 and it brown- I love it in all the colors. Which color do you have?

    Is the strap adjustable? What do you think of the bag? I need to know? lol

  4. I have the brown. The side straps are not adjustable. Just there for decoration. But the top strap is adjustable. I love it. It's definately a great bag for shopping. Holds a ton of stuff. And it's light. It's a big bag.

    Wow, $299, that's a great price! I paid over $400.