Andrea Brueckner Luxembourg Satchel

  1. Hi Ladies: Anyone have the Andrea Brueckner Luxembourg Satchel? Can you fit it over your shoulder? Is it too big? Is it heavy? Please tell all! Thank you! It's on sale:,1996.htm
  2. Well, I looked at it again on another site and saw it modeled on a person and it is HUUUUGE. Or at least, it looked that way. So, I'm going to consider the "mini" Luxembourg satchel...which is actually a regular size and not mini at all.
    Anyone own any of these?
  3. i thought you were satisfied with your handbag collection!! :nuts::graucho: are you looking to buy another bag?

    don't have one but was just amused...
  4. The celebrity sightings section of JC Madison has the bag being worn by both Jessica Alba (suede putty) and Lindsay Lohan (black patent) and it doesn’t look super duper humongous, but it’s definitely a larger bag.
  5. Oh Bluegenes! You are paying too much attention! LOL. I AM satisfied with my collection...! LOL. Very satisfied. But when a bag goes on its first sale...and then it will go even lower...THEN I might spring for it! Just daydreaming is all...
  6. Thanks Lithiumpearl for your insightful sightings! This helps. I am going to wait for this bag to go even lower... For some reason, I don't think it is very popular. Vamos a ver...
  7. Hey, Tropical......I was going to chastise you, but I saw that BlueGenes beat me to it! I am sure that you are shopping for someone else...
  8. Both sizes fit easily over the shoulder and are pretty lightweight, maybe a little heavier than a balenciaga.
  9. don't worry, if you buy it we won't tell the purse ban god...:whistle::whistle::whistle::whistle:
  10. I'm only flirting ladies. I DO NOT need this handbag. If it goes on second or third mark down, maybe I'll buy it. But I'm not crazed. Thanks for your concern!!! You're all pals, looking out for me!
  11. It's absolutely gorgeous!! I love that Red color. Nice style too!
  12. I just ordered this bag in the Mini size in Saddle color. I was eyeing the red large one but I thought the bright color and the large size might be an eyesore.
    I considered getting the large at JCMadison but no discount codes can be used on sale items, Summer Blu was out of the large Saddle (BooHoo because it was 50% off with the Code JUNE and all that was available was the putty color), so I opted for Feng Junk and used the Grechen code for 109.00 off the Mini Saddle. Total 436.00. I loved the red color but it just looked way too bright red.
  13. LEXIE 2000: Will you PLEASE post pix and modeling pix when you get it? You really know how to work the codes, girl! Where do you find out about these codes! And, you seem to be in buying mode too...having just received your Gryson in that gorgeous blue...See, we DO pay attention!
  14. Saddle Lexie? Isn't that just like brown?:roflmfao:

  15. I jusy knew someone would catch me on that!!! Yes Janine, Saddle is sorta like Brown but there are some subtle differences. Realy and Truly I thought about the large Red but that Red seemed like RED to me and I was afraid. I would have definitely went for red in the smaller bag but availability is low. The Putty is now gone from Summer blu. The sales don't keep them long.

    Yes, I have my Gryson. I posted a thread about it. I'll try to find it....

    To find codes I use a combination of the Deals and Steals threads and a Coupon code page...Wait...I will try to find that too...