Andrea Brueckner Luxembourg Satchel -- comments please

  1. I saw this bag today in a distressed patent leather. It was really beautiful and looks like it would fit over the shoulder and carry lots.

    Anyone have it that can offer some opinions??,1994.htm
  2. I don't have it, but I think it's a cute bag. :smile:
  3. Oh my, my heart started racing, gorgeous.
  4. That is a GREAT bag!!!
  5. Nice- sounds gorgeous in patent!
  6. Great looking black bag!:yes:
  7. Very nice bag-
  8. Wow- I really like it, though I feel it's a little on the pricey side.
  9. does anyone have one of the luxembourg bags? i haven't bought one yet - but i've been eyeing them. they all look gorgeous. distressed leather, and all the colours and styles are :nuts:
  10. ooh it looks sleek and classy!
    I think it would last and last!
  11. style-wise, I mean.

    I don't know about their quality or anything - I have never seen them in person. I do know Fabsugar was having a contest to win this bag in the gray earlier...
  12. I looove this style. Haven't seen it in person, though.
  13. I love that bag too, but I agree, it seems pricey. There is a smaller version on the Feng Junk site as well.
  14. Where did you find it in the patent? I MUST see it!!!!!! :drool:
  15. I like it in the non-patent, but also agree it is a little pricey.