Andrea Brueckner help

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  1. I am thinking of ordering that Andrea Brueckner saddle bag. What do you guys think of it? Does anyone own it? What color, brown or black? I want something without any studs (I have my Bulga) and don't really want to spend more than $500. Where is a good site to purchase?

    Thank you!!!!!!!:lol:
  2. There have been a number of posts about Andrea brueckner...some like and some don't...I've heard mention of thin leather and weird shape. It's sold all over the net. Google it and then check for discounts at I think it looks nice but never seen it up close.
  3. I absolutely LOVE my andrea b. I own a medium one in white and it is very nice. The leather is great (not thin at all) and very practical. At first I wanted the tan color, but I have so many brown purses that I decided to go with white (perfect for spring) and it is even more beautiful in person. overall, totally worth the money and you can def. find one on sale if you look around online!
  4. I just posted in another thread about this bag. I own the dark brown color and I love it! I have no complaints about the leather or quality of the bag. The bag truly expands - and depending if I am carrying a lot ot little, it's so slouchy & soft and has a nice drape to it.