Andrea Brueckner Bag

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  1. What do you guys think of the Andrea Brueckner medium saddle bag? I'm wondering how soft the leather is . . .

  2. I'm not digging it at all. I think if I was going for something like that I'd get the BV first. The part I dislike the most is the swirl of the woven leather and I'm not sure what to make of the handle too.
  3. I don't like it. The shape to me is blah and the leather is really thin and unimpressive. Still, in its price point it's not a bad deal if you like the style.
  4. Thanks for the input! I was trying to figure out what the hype was around the bag and whether or not it was worth getting. I've seen it on sale for just under $300 and was wondering whether I should snag it . . .
  5. I am considering getting the white version...just b/c price is not bad

    I would :nuts: a whote BV or Chanel just dont know if its worth investing that much in white
  6. I don't own it but others in the forum do and just love it. I am sure you will hear more about this bag.
  7. I think it's an ok bag. I actually like the buckles on the side - gives it a more interesting design. Otherwise, it'd just be a bit dull for me. Although, not really liking the black. If it came in red, say, or yellow, then it'd be much more appealling to me:smile:)
  8. love it....have one in white and it is really beautiful in person
  9. I have this bag in dark brown. I love it - The leather is not thin at all. It has become nicer over time. I get tons of compliments each time I use it as well. I own the large size and it is big and roomy on the inside, yet when i wear it on the shoulder it downsizes with such a nice drape.

  10. BTW - the leather on mine is very soft. I haven't seen the black or white version IRL. But, the leather on mine is gorgeous.
  11. I have the tan and I love it. I get a lot of compliments on it too and got my mother in law one because she loved mine! The leather is not thin on mine at all and it holds up really nicely.
  12. It's okay.. if it was in a different color, then maybe it'll be more "wow". but just so-so IMO.
  13. i got mine in the medium size in dark brown. i like it. it's very light compared to my Moni Moni and Chloe.

    the woven design is embossed, instead of real woven leather like BV. i would love to own a BV, one day...need to save up first! before then, i think my AB will do just fine. ;)