Andrea Brueckner Bag

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  1. I decided to get an Andrea Brueckner bag in black
    but what size would be better, large or medium?
    I personally don't mind a large bag and i'm not short(5'6)
    but large one looks a bit too big-
    What would be a better choice?
  2. I have the medium sized bag in black and I love it!
  3. The medium is perfect for most body types, I think.
  4. I love the medium size! I have one in white and it is actually very big. Unless you like extremely big bags, then go for medium!
  5. I have the large size and it is perfect for me - but, I am 5'10"
  6. The medium is the best size for most people. The large is ok if you like really large bags.
  7. the large could probably be carried comfortably under your arms, whereas the medium would be nice as a handheld for you.

    i'm only 5'3" so i got the medium.