Andiamo on Ebay

  1. looks legit to me..and not a bad not sure whats the retail price in the states but here and hawaii its like $257??? they got 30% off so it would come out to $179...
  2. Actually did some googling on this one. So it's bigger than the Campeggio? Ugh. As cute as it is, I think I'm going to have to pass. I don't need a bag that big, even though I LURV the big bags. :p
  3. yeah that bag is much bigger than the campeggio! :biggrin:
  4. I have an Andiamo camo playground black and it's so cute, Original price: 164 and I bought it for 142.50 =)
  5. looks legit :] andiamo is a discontinued style...but that bag is way cute! too bad a campeggio is already too big for adiamo would be ginormous! :[
  6. wow you got it cheap! over here its expensive :lol: ...too bad they they dont make them in foresta haha!
  7. eBay is great... sometimes :p

    You can see that cammo playground is not very popular, that's why it's cheap and i like that :wlae:
  8. you got that right...sometimes :lol: