Andiamo - How much was the original retail price?

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  1. The topic says it all. I am trying to score a Tan Playground Andiamo and just wanted to know how much above retail I am going to buy it for. It's BNWT and simply gorgeous! :p
  2. I'm not sure of the original retail price but I paid $215 for mine. :love:
  3. My original print one came with $202 on the tag (I bought it off of eBay).
  4. ooh were are you getting it from?? :biggrin:
  5. Yahoo taiwan probably? I saw it. Lots of nice tokis on that site :biggrin:
  6. yeah hehe..but the prices are a lil steep :biggrin: wish i had lots of $$$ :lol:
  7. oooh well i freaking paid 200 for my campeggio that was used and had a cut in the fabric

    so for that id say 240? i dont know

    post pics when you get it!!

  8. In that case, I am paying only 10 bucks above retail!!!! :yahoo:
  9. Congrats!! :yahoo: That's a great price for that bag. You're going to :heart: that bag :yes:
  10. Thank you! I just heard back from the seller and it's a SEALED DEAL! :yahoo: I am so super duper happy, I love big bags and the Andiamo Tan Playground is just so PERFECT!
  11. Yup! And here's the pic from the sellers site.


    She is super nice, great communication, always prompt with emails and answers questions so very well. The shipping is reasonable and my only concern is custom charges. ??

    She still has a Foresta Gioco if anyone is desperate for one. Price is not too bad either. And who was it that got the Foresta Campeggio???? I know it's one of you .. hehe .. I was a tad too late and it's sold.
  12. YAY super duper CUTE

    I LOVE IT you really got an awesome deal :smile:

    i feel happy for you

    i however got screwed on both my playgrounds

    but its ok... lol

    yay for lattes:heart::wlae::yahoo:
  13. :wtf:

    I paid 140 for my Andiamo Black Camo
  14. *hand shoots up* lolx i got her foresta campeggio lolx
  15. The Andiamo retailed for $164 the first season.