and your yurman collection?

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  1. curious me again.:idea:

    this time somebody else go first. please.:biggrin:
  2. I have a few things from Yurman....

    Two 5mm bangle bracelets - one with pearl tips, and the other is a hook
    One necklace with an acorn like piece
    One really long necklace - small box chain?
    One all silver 7mm bangle
  3. I have these, but I never wear them together:

    Cookie Necklace with Amethyst

    Cookie Earrings with Amethyst

  4. My mother is crazy over Yurman!! It's not my deal but I think its pretty stuff. My husband and I bought the black stone w/diamonds all around it ring for both our our mothers for Xmas (the name of the stone escapes me and I'm too lazy to go look on the Niemans web page) Any fan of yurman will know!!! ;)
  5. My husband ordered this ring for me for my birthday but it hasn't come in yet, and my birthday is Sunday.:sad:
  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE The color of the stone?? What is it? That is just like what we purchased for our mothers...only in black. Tha is a GORGEOUS blue. Happy for you!!!
  7. I have an extra large oval link necklace and bracelet.

  8. i have:
    crossover hoops
    the X cable bracelet
    and 2 other cable bracelets
  9. I have the bracelet too but I have the medium-sized one. I wear it all the time. I love it!!! Is the necklace heavy around your neck?
  10. The stone is an amythest (spelling?) :shame:
  11. it looks blue in the must be a gorgeous purple!!!
  12. No, I have the longest one! Its like 20 inches or something. I love the weight and chunkiness of it!