And you thought you were having a bad day..........

  1. if you thought you were having a bad day spare a thought for this guy!!!!


    The pic is real not photoshopped it was taken by a film crew doing a documentry about sharks, the shark was curious and the guy came no harm
  2. Whoa!
    Just imagine that would happen to you. The pic looks really impressive though!
  3. yikes! great picture though! :wtf:
  4. Good lord! Look at the size of the shark compared to the kayak. Thank goodness the guy wasn't harmed.
  5. :wtf::wtf::nuts::nuts: OMG
  6. OMG! Where is that so I can avoid kayaking there?????
  7. Really scary! :s
  8. LOL, holy cow!
  9. That scared me just looking at it!!!
  10. :wtf::wtf: scary!!
  11. Not a good situation to be in. I'm surprised he wasn't a meal.
  12. That water is GORGEOUS!
  13. Thanks Label Addict - Reminds me of this one.

  14. YIKES on both pics. i am SO terrified of sharks, which is why i never go to the beach lol.

    i'd probably freak out and fall in the water lol.
  15. Oh WOW!!!