And yet another Holy Grail Bag story - Pics!

  1. Ever since I posted pics of Kelly Ripa with her Royal blue Patti, it became one of my Holy Grail bags. I love the style and the color is amazing! I found one on eBay and I truly believe it was meant to be mine. The listing ended the night before my birthday and I was the one & only bidder for it!

    The blue suede lining is gorgeous and the little padlock zipper pulls are the cutest!!! I'm in LOVE!!:heart::heart::heart: Here she is!

    Patti1.JPG Patti2.JPG Patti3.JPG Patti4.JPG Patti6.JPG
  2. And here's one of the original pics of Kelly that started my obsession!!

  3. That is a great bag! The color is really pretty and the style is those side zipper pockets. What season is this bag from? Congratulations on your beautiful HG bag!!
  4. Beautiful! I absolutely love it. Congrats and enjoy your new bag.
  5. I'm not sure exactly. I was thinking maybe 2005? I'll try to find out...

    Thanks for your compliments rorosity and Cosmopolitan!!
  6. Wow, this has been a great week (month??)...a lot of us found our HG bags. It always makes me happy and excited whenever I see posts like this. Congrats luvpurses. The royal blue color is very striking...she is gorgeous!!!
  7. I love that bag! Great color, congrats!
  8. ^so pretty! I love the shape, and the color is just beautiful, congrats!
  9. It's a beautiful bag Cheryl! I love the color... I think it's from Resort 05.
  10. this is a really pretty bag. the blue suede looks like it's in pristine condition too! Happy Birthday Cheryl!
  11. ^^Thank you so much ladies! I really am on Cloud was the best birthday present I've ever given myself. :p

    And thanks Thithi for confirming the year/season!!:flowers:
  12. beautiful!
  13. Congrats Cheryl! :woohoo: I like the style of the Patti and I was watching it too but I didn't bid. :p Modeling pics, pls? :graucho:
  14. ^^Eeep! I don't really like modeling pics. Too shy! :shame: Kelly Ripa is a much better model than I could dream of being. :biggrin:
  15. OK, just checked the serial tag and it says S05 610. Does that make it Spring 05?