And yet ANOTHER happy Hermes story...

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  1. So. My SA knows that I'm looking for a 30cm Birkin. He also knows I like Rouge H, Rouge Garance, Cognac, know, nice neutrals. This past weekend, Crochetbella and her darling UDH were in the San Fran store with other PF friends and one of them was shown a 30cm Rouge H Birkin. How do I know this you ask? Am I clairvoiant? No. Did my SA call me? No. My friend CB clued me in.

    WELL! Right away I was a little miffed! Why didn't he call me, I asked myself. Am I not good enough for a 30cm Rouge H Birkin? Did he forget me? Did he not just sell me a boat load of accessories not least of all a pair of ROUGE H driving gloves with a perforated "H" at the wrist AND a Lounge Riding Whip with classic Hermes Potiron leather wrapped tightly around the handle?

    And then after a glass or two of wine the answer came to me. He didn't call because he knows........I DON'T LIKE EPSOM LEATHER! :yahoo:

    And there you have it. Yet another happy Hermes story. :yes:
  2. LOL! You were saved!
  3. LOL!!! You are too funny!
  4. :lol: D, you crack me up! :flowers: I have all day in SF on Thursday to shop as DH has a conference. Maybe if I camp out at Hermes all day they will show me something good if only to get rid of me. :graucho:
  5. wow so they have birkins on sale in sf store??
  6. CB, you're going back thursday again? go get the KARO if it's still there!!:yahoo: :yahoo:
  7. whaaaa?? a red 30cm birkin??!!! OMG!! I WANT!!!! how much??
  8. LMAO. And that is why I adore you D --- I can just imagine you all pissed off, chugging back wine like Patsy & Edina from "Absolutely Fabulous"
  9. i believe it was about $ 6550 ++. 30 birkin epsom. i didnt see it though. heard them talk about # 1-415-391-7200. good luck!:yahoo:
  10. :lol: D, you are one funny lady, lol.
  11. thanks paz! i am sooooo gonna call them tomorrow!

    shopmom: epsom, no go for u??
  12. D, you crack me up!!!!!

    Don't worry my SA doesn't call me either. He knows unless it's something I know I want, he's wasting his time.

    BTW, I'm not a fan of epson either. Feels like plastic to me.
  13. Go for it, Peanut......I'm holding out for Chevre!
  14. Epsom doesn't do it for me either. My ex Kelly was a raisin Epsom but I didn't get the same thrill from it as I do with Togo or Chevre :love:
  15. oh no!!! epsom doesn't seem to be a good thing it seems for majority of the gals here. i think i've read about it somewhere else about it being plasticy too. darn.... i've seen it only in the kelly and a bearne wallet. is it that bad on a birkin??!! maybe that's why it's still available at the SF store?? hmmm....
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