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  1. of eBay! Get a load of this! I am selling one of my bags and got these two questions from the same potential buyer.

    Keep in mind I read both questions first and answered the second one first, it made me mad :cursing:

    first question asked:
    what are the measurements?
    answer: WELL, if you are over the shipping charge rant from your last message, you are going to be unhappy again. If you READ the listing it says that the only thing I can not answer is a measurement question. Please stop wasting my time.

    second question asked more like said:

    Your shipping is way way too much
    Excuse me? I do not control the USPS! If they want to charge you $7 to get item to your place from where I live, that is not my problem. If you don't want to pay for shipping then don't bid! Go fight the USPS if you don't like their rates.

    humm, for some reason this froze on me. I will have to try and edit it. but that is what transpired with ony a little over an hour left in auction :mad:

  2. ugh that sucked. I wonder what hapend to me on that post? :hrmm: Well needless to say that potential buyer really peeved me off!! I am off to check their whiny ass' feedback :boxing:
  3. LOL...... I am glad it wasn't me. If I am not happy with a listing I either do not bid or politely try to work with the seller. Hope you sell your item though!
  4. update on my lovely potential buyer :rolleyes: She/he has a feedback of 35 and 90.7% member since July 15 03. Pretty good so far eh? LMAO! Here are the negative comments left by 5 different sellers!! All of this is within 6 months too

    Buyer NEVER responded or paid for item!

    Item ended on 8/27 customer has never paid for item.


    No contact, No response, No payment- over 1 month later. Non paying bidder.

    and a couple of not so great neutral ones:

    item was returned

    Do you have a problem understanding feedback rules?
    :roflmfao: EXACTLY!!

    And that ladies and gentlemen is why we need the two way street of feedback!!!
  5. If a seller ever responded like that to me, I would share with everyone not to buy from them.
  6. I have to agree!
  7. I agree with this also.
  8. I HATE measurement questions...I had a pair of RL pants and a skort, same sizes for sale on CL, can't they read the size?????
  9. Well if you said something so rude as that the seller isn't going to want your business anyway. Honestly! Do you really think that statement was any less insulting? My shipping charge is EXACT shipping to said destination, based on the package size and weight. AND given this buys feedback, I feel it was very much called for. I do not charge any fee's for say the packaging either. I am VERY fair and this person is just trying to get something for nothing. Seriously, she is complaining about paying %5.05 in shipping! If I ship any cheaper it wouldn't be packaged! Gesh!! This buyer has TERRIBLE feedback with history of non payment. I am guessing you have not sold on eBay or have not been lucky enough to encounter such wonderful potential buyers. I am not in eBay for the money.
  10. Hay neighbor, I kwym? I was like wth? You insalt me with my VERY reasonable shipping charge and then want to know the measurements to something in which I CLEARLY said that I have no idea on how to do bag measurements in my listing so please no questions regarding that. HELLO!!!
  11. Have you considered that the bidder really didn't understand that those were actual shipping charges? Some people are completely clueless when it comes to how much it costs to mail something. I've sold a lot on eBay and I've gotten some really bad questions but I have never treated a potential customer with disrespect. If I get a question I don't like I answer, add them to my blocked bidder list and move on. Keep in mind that there are a lot of message boards on the internet and all you need is one post somewhere identifying you as a "bad seller" to lose a lot of potential business.
  12. I wouldn't buy from a Seller that spoke to me that way either. . . just like in a store, I'd never give an SA my business treating me that way:nogood:

  13. I don't know, I have seen really bad sellers with TERRIBLE AWEFULL feedback with lines of people buying up a storm. I am not one to let anyone insult me just to be so nice to them. I am sure the bidder knew about shipping based on her feedback. She had too many non payments from great sellers. I research before I comment. I have had many stupid questions regarding shipping and such and I know how to suck it up and answer politly. This lady was just plain insulting complaining about $5.05 to ship priority C'MON!!
  14. Me too. Why not just answer the customer politely? It's just a question. :shrugs:

  15. Honestly, do all of you really think that a seller need to be insulted?? If you really feel that the items shipping is so ridiculously high, why even both asking questions regarding it. As the seller this is how I felt, In case you buyer even care about how your questions come across. This is how I felt "okay you suck your shipping is terribly high and oh, what is the measurements?" If you have the guts to insult someone, then suck it up and deal with it! Take it like a man/women!! If you walked into my store and said that I would be happy to have you leave! I don't need your business!!
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