And Where is Grands with her Hermes bag?

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  1. Now, don't you think our Grands Fonds has been gone just a little too long????? I thought that girl was heading back this weekend? WITH her new Hermes goodie which, by the way, we know NOTHING about at this point???? Not even a glimmer of a HINT has been thrown our way.......

    .....what's up with that? :wondering
  2. Grands Fonds... where are you!! :whistle:
  3. :popcorn:
  4. I'm BAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!

    He, he.....just got home - have plenty of washing to do! Must call the gardener - the lawn went crazee in all this heat!

    OK, not sure if there's a thread, but I had a FAB time shopping with our Sue and xquisite in Melbourne! Managed to replace the Lioness Breakfast cup I broke a while back, and got a "Flying Carpet" scarf (blue)....and bought a white epsom Paris-Bombay PM. Kept it for one day. Had too many people say it looked 'dinky'. One lady visiting the house I was staying at asked if it was MY THREE YEAR OLD DAUGHTERS BAG!!!!!! So, back to Hermes it went. I didn't really warm to the epsom in any case, although it is a great leather for white. Got a white collier de chien cuff (palladium) with my credit note!

    So, now I have a loaded credit at Hermes, and a birthday to shop for. Here's hoping my store has some nice goodies next week. I had a Barenia Trim 35 in mind, but she's gone......:crybaby: ...if anyone spies one at their store.....PUHLEEZE let me know!

    Will catch up later - must do at least one load of washing!

    BIG GOSS at my store while I was manager left suddenly............

  5. ^^^ Welcome back, GF! I missed you so much! To me, you are the livewire on this forum, and without you, it just ain't the same.

    Hope to hear more from you later in the day!
  6. Hi K!! Yep, there is a thread about our day. Sorry the P-B didn't work out. :sad:
    Obviously there is a lov-er-ly barenia bag coming your way soon. :yes:

    WOW, why am i not surprised that within minutes of arriving back in Sydney you already know the H store gossip!. :roflmfao:
  7. WOOHOOOOO!!!!! She's BACK!!!!! Hi K! Missed you, girlie! Can't wait to hear all the news! I'm so sorry about your PB but I think there's something else out there with your name written all over it.....let's find it!!!!

    ....BTW.....have the exact same scarf "flying carpets" in the exact same color way! It's GORGEOUS!!!!!

    WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I know - I'm getting to that desperate stage where I'll buy almost anything, and I MUST snap out of it! My store is getting some nice new Bolides soon, so I may be the proud new owner of a Bolide soon.

    Isn't that flying carpet scarf FAB? Annie Faivre is the artist I collect, and this is one of her best, in my opinion!
  9. Yay, welcome back GF! Glad you had a fun time!
  10. Welcome back GF, I am sure you will find 'your' bag very soon! PB in white Epsom just didn't sound like a GF bag to me!
  11. Glad you're back K!!! Give us all the details ASAP!!!:yes:
  12. Woohoo! K's back!:yahoo: Hello *waving franctically* Oh, girl, at your height, the Paris-Bombay in the PM would just be too small. Glad you got the collier de chien cuff it's the palladium twin of mine. I want one in anthracite or gris next. But I hear ya' about those hasty decisions. Thank goodness my store has inventory, I've tried just about every bag made by Hermes and know what will work and in what size. Plus, my SA is very honest about what will work for me. I always say, "If you don't see fireworks when you first pick up the bag, don't get it! There's always another bag and it will be much better.":yes:
  13. Oh yeah.......agree with HG on the PB, GF (whoa.......doncha love these abbreviations??????? LOL!)

    I so see something white/white in a Birkin for you which would be SO perfect for where you live. And a 35cm for your height (you lucky girl!).
  14. Welcome back GF--hilarious about the PB being your DD's bag!! That would have sent me off packing back to Hermes definitely. Glad you scored a white CDC--love them in white!
  15. Sorry that the PB didnt work out for you K.. but at least now you got loads of store credit.