...and what about diaperbags ?

  1. I hope none of you fashionistas will throw the first stone, but after having seen that I am not the only mum on the board I dare to ask.

    Do you guys carry a propper diaper bag or something that was transformed for this use...?

    I have a nice burberry diaperbag actually it was nice in summer since it's fabric with nova stripes and tuns of space.
    I also have an LV diaperbag but never used it just can't warm up to it and will give it to my older daughter to transform it for school.

    Apart from that I have a custom made one in velvet which is actually not that practical.

    So what about you?
  2. hi catcat, there are a ton of great posts on this earlier from moms that i've been reading up on that you might check out. i really wish one of the fashion magazines would do a spread on great diaper bag options!!

    personally i'm going to risk it and get a real bag for a diaper bag, but considering i haven't had my first yet i'm not an authority. my latest rationale is that i still can't possibly just have one bag, though not as many as i do now!, so i'll probably carry a designer one for "me" for day-to-day stuff, and then get another lower-end larger one (like the skiphop) that i can use for longer excursions when my husband is around and he can help carry it...
  3. I Will Always Love Kate Spade Diaper Bags. I Have Three (One Child). My Husband Would Always Take The Messanger. That Worked Great For Him. I Switched. We Had A Few Others. Since My Son's Baby Room Was Todd Parr (Some Parts Still Are ~ But, Since , He's Three Becoming A Big Boy).....Back To Topic. We Received 4 (Different) Todd Parr Diaper Bags As Well. We Love FAO.

  4. Sorry I forgot to check before posting , I will do some research.
  5. When I needed a diaper bag, I had a Kate Spade baby bag. It was the medium nylon and I loved it. Now that my son is 18 months, and don't really need a "diaper bag", but a "carry all of his stuff that he can't leave without" bag, I use a Coach Hamptons Weekend tote (from summer 2005) that holds everything, and was inexpensive enough to not care what happens to it.
  6. I will become a mom (hopefully) next year and have already started looking at cute diaperbags:lol: I love the Burberry one I saw somewhere (blue). LV has one too I think, but I don´t know if it´s in the stores anymore. Kate Spade ones sound cute! I have to do my research too.
  7. I have a lot of handbags but will be needing a diaper bag soon. Im hoping to be able to use my Chanel large tote, or my LV Damier Mezzo as a diaper bag. If not, maybe just a black canvas plain diaper bag that will not "compete" with my handbag collection. Although at the beginining, Im sure I wont even carry a purse. I'll have my stuff in the diaper bag so thats why I'd like to use one of my current bags. I even heard the LV Manhattan GM, which I have , is sometimes used as a diaper bag. We'll see. I love reading about new diaper bags out there though. One may tempt me.

  8. I really like the Burberry ones because of them being very practical and thought thru, but they are very laid back so more of a summer thing.

    What the LV is concerned I have it but as I said don't like it, it's not really practical , but I am not that big on LV.
  9. You are right in the beginning I never carried a purse and stuffed everything in the "diaperbag" good that big bags have become trendy again!
  10. I always just use an inexpensive, but cute bag. I find I have to leave the bag at the church nursery, or mothers morning out when I drop off my child and I don't want to leave a good bag. My diaper bags always seem to get trashed so I just use something that I won't mind if it gets dirty. There is no way I would leave a chanel bag with the church nursery!
  11. I have the Gucci diaper bag in black and I love it! I find that I end up packing alot for DB.....so I tend to bring a shoulder bag for myself. I also didn't want to give up carrying bags....and just use a diaper bag. I am too addicted! LOL

  12. Nice I thought about the Gucci but since my little one is now nearly 8 onths I will go back to using bags and simply stuffing everything in there.
    That's why I started shopping around for larger bags.
  13. For any of you ladies interested in hand-made diaper bags, perhaps one of the following bags will catch your fancy? :yes:

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  14. dont some ladies use bbags as diaper bags?
  15. LeSportsak has a Tokidoki diaper bag now.