And we're back!

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  1. :smile:Finally tpf is back up. I was going through withdrawal. Missed you all!
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  2. haha me too!
  3. Me too!
    Now I just need to get used to it.
  4. Ugh, I hate going through another learning cycle. And now the dreaded "LIKE" button has appeared...more drivel. :rolleyes: And cheesy smilies, too.
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  5. I wonder how you multi quote?

    Also what's with that like button?
  6. If you highlight the quote button it says "toggle multi quote" so something else to figure out.

    I HATE those stupid "like" buttons. Now I have to turn off notifications. What is the point of that crap? So junior school.
  7. Oh I get it. You either choose "reply" or "+ quote" for multi.
  8. test multi quote
  9. found it, you click on the +Quote, and then at the bottom of the post a new 'Insert quotes' button appears. When you select this, it adds the quotes
  10. I hate all the clutter on the forum pages. I hope there are lots of customization options.

    And I wonder when they will whisk this thread away from the D&B board, lol.
  11. Hi everyone!! Boy I'll never figure this out.
  12. Not a fan of the new format but glad TPF is up amd running.
  13. Glad to be back. I got my new bags and had no one to tell. I've posted in the UPS thread.
  14. I'm glad too. I got my first new to me flo satchel yesterday and couldn't post pics until today in the Florentine Club.
  15. There y'all are! I didn't know if the board was broken or what. Glad it's back.