and we think Hermes croc prices are high!

  1. I just got an email today from Neiman-Marcus. One of the items featured was a gorgeous pair of vert croc Manolo Blahnik sling-back shoes - $2685. Now these shoes have VERY little croc, compared with an entire Kelly or Birkin croc bag! They are just stunning, though. Just imagine them with a little Hermes croc clutch. Actually, they show it with a cute little caiman matte croc clutch in a lucious color - it's cheap - only $1365, but clearly not the quality of an Hermes.
  2. I know it, I saw that email too and was drooling yet horrified over those shoes! Croc shoes are insanely expensive. I wonder if it's because the skin is thick, so it might be hard to work with in small strips?
  3. Croc/alligator shoes have always been expensive. When I was 16 (that would have been in the late 1950's), in a moment of complete insanity my mother bought me a pair of black alligator pumps at Saks. I remember that they cost $175 back then when one could buy Delman shoes for less than $100. They were classic and gorgeous and I wore them for years (until I got pregnant and my feet grew!). Wish I still had them and that they would still fit!
  4. Ooh you come by your good taste honestly, I see! I actually have a few pairs of croc or alligator shoes that are VERY vintage, and they're a little snug on me now (I wore them a lot in college, LOL, when I shopped in thrift stores a lot). Still can't bear to part with them.
  5. Wow, okay, this post makes me wanna go check out my closet...

    I have a pair of rich honey-brown croc Manolo's that have never seen the light of day! Despite a matching belt (nonMB!) and watch strap, I haven't ever worn them out of my closet.

    Holy smokes maybe I should! :wtf:
  6. Are you mad, woman! Get those Manolo's out (and their accessories) and wear them!!! They sound fabulous!
  7. LOL Angelfish, I have a pair of black croc Manolos that I only wore once, so don't feel bad! Turns out I should have gotten the 39 instead of the half size smaller I thought I could squeeze into :s

  8. Darling Pattie ( with that avator you got to wear em!!)
  9. LOL...ABSOLUTELY! they're FABULOUS, darling! :lol:
  10. Those Manolos were $2200. a month or two ago.
  11. I didn't pay anything like that for mine... I don't think... Dear Lord, I couldn't have (checking forhead for scars of telltale lobotomy)

    I LOVE Ab Fab. Asking for the complete series in DvD for Xmas! What could be better than a few girlfriends, a bottle of wine, and Ab Fab?? LoL
  12. ^^^ Oooooo Love Ab Fab!
  13. I have the series and I never tire of watching it. Also, have the Sex and the city series. Love them both.

    I wonder what some of the ladies on here would think of the Oz series Kath & Kim?
  14. I have a pair of croc loafers...from about 20 years ago. They are SNUG!!! Way before pregnacy...and I have to admit...weight gain. I just can't let them go...maybe...someday...I'll take lots of Advil and put them on. If I am not walking far.
  15. Never seen Sex in the city. Is it good? What is OZ?