And up next, we have....? Help assemble Stylefly's Collection!

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  1. Well- after getting ahold of not one but TWO '05 Caramel bags in the last 2 months (which has been my obsession, as many of you know), I've decided that the colour just isn't me. I think I like colours that "pop" more than neutrals, but I sold both of my Magenta bags as they didn't seem to work with my wardrobe.
    I wear mostly dark colours with some light-coloured tops in the winter, dark coats, lots of jeans. In the summer, lots of lights. My hair is blonde, eyes are blue, rosy cheeks (not kidding). But I'm planning to raid the '07 colours then so for now- please help me pick out a nice, well-rounded collection!
    I currently have a Truffle City, a Rouge Vif City, Caramel City (going), Caramel Weekender (going). I think that for a perfect collection, I'd like to add:
    -Blueberry City
    -Greige First
    -Day in ???
    (Work in Vert D'Eau or Cobalt)
    I need advice on creating a nice, well-rounded collection where there is a wide range of sizes and colours. Can anyone offer advice? I'm not partial to '06 colours, in fact I :heart: earlier colours and leathers and it would be fun to be on the hunt for a few things....
  2. hmmmmmmmmmmmm, i'd say go for a blueberry city & a grenat day :wlae:
  3. ooohhh! I have the Blueberry City AND the Griege First! LOVE them! Good choices!!!
  4. yeah get something blueberry!!! i totally LOVE this colour! good luck on what you decide!
  5. so you're a cool... hmm... the colors for fall are all warm toned- except for blueberry (which IMO is a warm blue anyhow)

    You should try out the blue india! maybe magenta if you like POP! colors too.
  6. I was thinking about the BI too stylefly... I bet that would be really pretty with your coloring! I also love griege. It doesn't seem like a "pop" color, but I think it's sooooo classy!
  7. I vote greige..!! The color is VERY versatile, and the leather on most are just to die for!!
  8. I love grenat and blueberry, but I would probably only get one since they're both sort of in the jewel tone family. I kind of think of things in color families; neutrals, jewel tones, pastels, etc. Hope this helps..I love that you're trying to get a varied collection!
  9. I'm thinking Greige, can't go wrong with that color or find a blue India or grenat with really nice color.
  10. This is kind of what I'm thinking as well! So definitely a Greige, a Blueberry, and I need a pastel (probably from another season) that's not pink...
  11. I would suggest a Blue india day ot twiggy - that's something different and is matching very well with dark colors but also with jeans (imo) - even I never saw this color in real yet !! Or - of cours - a very nice Greige, it's also a very neutral color ;) ! If you want something from another season - maybe you can find a nice 'Teal' maybe :shrugs: ?
    Good luck with your decision stylefly :flowers: :love:
  12. stylefly,
    I have a blueberry day and it goes with everything, especially jeans. I, too, am not liking the fall colors that much. I'd wait for spring.
  13. Now I'm thinking I need to go back a few years as I just love the old leathers so much. I also don't know how easy it will be to resell this season's colours, which is always a consideration before I buy up a whole bunch...
    I'm thinking:
    -Greige First
    -Blueberry Day OR Cornflower Day
    Something in '04 Pistachio (but my gawd they're expensive)
    Something in '05 Dolma Green
    But those two colours seem very similar...any recommendations? I love being on the hunt for something so it ups the "fun" factor of making a good collection. Which leather do you prefer, '04 or '05?
  14. Blueberry...I sold my Blueberry City recently after I got it. I think it would be great in a Day or Twiggy.

  15. You sold your Blueberry ??? :wtf: How come??