"And this one is JUST right!"

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  1. #1 Sep 24, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2010
    It has been a LONG time since I did a reveal! As you probably know I've been searching for the perfect crossbody for a few years. I was starting to feel a bit like Goldilocks...

    My Three Fer is great, but just a little too small most of the time. Better for things like concerts or bars where you don't want to carry everything, but just a bit cramped for a day out shopping and such.

    The Mona Lethal is so beautiful but just a bit too big for me. I loved the versatility of the straps you could change and all of that, but when I am presented with space in a bag, I fill it, and I tended to overdo it with the ML and then wonder why I had brought a crossbody in the first place!

    Now, I had owned a Petit Larceny 2 years ago for about a day between my wedding and honeymoon, and I returned it because I thought I wanted something smaller (wrong) and I thought I wouldn't use a black and blue bag often enough (right). Brown is my preferred neutral, along with gray, so I knew my perfect crossbody had to be one of those two colors, with no black. And Bark is a freaking gorgeous brown! If there's a difference between it and Espresso, well I don't see it. As for size? I haven't actually put her in action just yet, but PL seems to be PERFECT.

    So here we go!

    I received a beautiful package from ShopMasons.com and I have to say, I am VERY SERIOUSLY IMPRESSED by their service. More on that after the pics!

    I apologize for the lack of teaser photos, but I opened my new love right away at work today. Here she is, ladies. A drool-worthy piece of chocolate if ever there was one!




  2. YAY very pretty beeb, congrats!
  3. gorgeous delicious color!
  4. :ty: both!!!
  5. Lovelovelove the color!

  6. That is a nice color! Glad that you found a crossbody that you like!
  7. Very pretty! Yay, congrats on PL!
  8. Thanks ladies! You'll be shocked, SCANDALIZED, even, to know I didn't take her out today! Poor thing, she won't be used until Monday. BUT, then she'll be used for an entire week, so that should make up for it, right?

    Am I crazy for acting like a bag has feelings? Don't answer that.
  9. Congrats Beeb!! Great size and colour!
  10. I have a PL and it's a perfect sized bag! I'm shocked by how much it carries!
  11. Love Love Love it Beeb!!!

    So glad you love your new PL!! Thanks for the comparison pictures with Mona Lethal...that helps a lot!

  12. I love it! I'm so glad my pals at Mason's treated you so well. They really are an incredible store with great people. We went in this weekend, and MOM DIDN'T BUY A TANO! Can you guys believe it? 30% off and everything! She did buy a new pair of TOM'S, though. :lol:
  13. Hello beautiful Tano-ites! I missed you this week! DH and I took a trip up to the Finger Lakes wine country for a few days. Miss PL came with me (the only bag I brought, actually!) and proved that she is indeed the best crossbody for me. We went wine tasting, shopping, dining and even hiking together and she was perfectly comfy!

    So the verdict is: :tup::okay::yes::ghi5::wlae:
  14. I saw your very bag at PetSmart last night, beeb. The lady was kind of a snot, and she acted all huffy when we politely asked her to move so we could see the leather leashes, so I didn't say anything to her. But the bag looked great! :lol: