And this is why I rarely sell on eBay... advice needed please!

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  1. May I offer a bit of unsolicited advice?

    I recommend you have the bracelet authenticated because the new seller didn't show her own pictures of the actual item. YOu'll want to at least make sure you got the real deal.

    The first picture was stolen from a Rakuten listing:

    She sold an Hermes bag with pictures stolen from an Hermes replica site:
  2. Brilliant .. Such good news
  3. I hope the bracelet is authentic. Stealing a picture from a replica site gave me a chuckle. That's crazy!
  4. Thanks, everyone!
  5. great result!!!! i hope more sellers in similar situations read this and realise that they can win cases :smile:
  6. I'm glad it worked out for both of us. :happydance:
  7. I sell on ebay as well. I use catalog pics on brand new items, but not on pre owned, you can use a catalog pic, but I would always put the item itself in pics too! Ebay buyers aren't that bright I've noticed, and they do not read the listings. You have to give them a visual, or you'll have a problem like this. I would pay for the item to be shipped back, block that person, and resell. You're going to have to bite the bullet since in your pics, you show a perfect book. I put details in my listing all the time (sometimes in all caps if it's really important) and I still get asked questions when it's right there in the description in front of their face! Remember who you're dealing with, and you wont have future problems. Just pretend they're all 5 years old.... :smile:
  8. The OP won her case; she didn't have to take the books back, and her listing did show at least part of the damage and her description was adequate. She did nothing wrong. I don't see where you are seeing a perfect book in her listing.
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  9. I don't know where you're getting your "facts?" She documented the damage in the description, but didn't put it in pictures. People on ebay want to see anything less than perfect in the pics! Show every single flaw in a PICTURE!! There, now maybe you'll get it! If pics had been in the listing, this case wouldn't have been opened. The seller did nothing wrong, but assume that ebay buyers read! They don't! Have a great day.... lol
  10. Did you look at the listing? You can see ripped bindings in the pictures. The buyer was a reseller whose goal was to get these books for free. She even ripped them more in order to try to win her case. Read the thread before you comment.
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  11. I hope you don't use catalog pictures for highly faked brands! (I'm not even sure that's allowed!) Whether selling new or used items, your buyers (and authenticators) need to see pictures of the actual items so they can make informed decisions on their purchases.

    As for the OP's listing, she clearly showed and described the books and their condition! There would have been no "biting the bullet" in this case.
  12. For certain items, like books and electronics, Ebay provides stock photos that they encourage you to use. If your item is in new condition, you don't need to provide any other pictures, but I usually do.
  13. Right. I was referring to highly faked items - handbags, shoes, jewelry, etc.
  14. OP, have you reported your buyer?