And they sell....

  1. I'm not sure if this is in the right place... but I thought you guys should be aware!

    Some of you may remember a link that was selling fake cards in bulk (the authenticity cards that come with purses).

    Well they are now selling this too: :mad:

  2. Wow...I saw prada one before never seen the's crazy [​IMG]!!!
  3. wow!
  4. speechless!
  5. I know, I really hate how people go out of their way to sell fakes as real purses. I can't believe they do this stuff
  6. heck, they should go to jail......
  7. thank you

    there go my dreams of getting the real thing for a good price
  8. I've heard about this. The sellers in booths would ask what brand you want and tack it on the bag right before handing it to you.
  9. hehe- I want to get the Chanel and hang it from my chain! It'll go perfect with my baggy jeans and basketball shoes!
  10. sweet, now I can turn my black nylon Gap school bag into a "Prada" for cheap!
  11. ^lol! yup...

    but i mean seriously you guys have seen the ioffer bags... we all knew these elements exist. what really pisses me off is when i see fake receipts with signatures and correct codes and things like that!
  12. LOL, seriously... What's the point?