And Then...We bought this!

  1. Tonight Mr Label & I went to an event at local art gallery usually there is nothing there of interest (to me at least) we toyed with the idea of not going as we were both tired (Tuesday is a very early morning)

    But we decided to make an effort I'm glad we did there was an interesting exhibition on the right of the entrance


    My very own MOCA!, sadly no neverfulls

    But being dedicated shopaholics Mr Label & I couldn't leave with out getting something, we looked around and found something we both liked

    TAA DAA!


    It is called And then, and then and then Gargle Glop
    2006 Edition Numbered 230 of 300 and personally signed by Murakami :tup:

    I don't have a pic of it at home as it will be on loan to the gallery until Feb
  2. Wow! That's special! Congrats!!
  3. amazing
  4. WOW! that is definitely a collectors piece! congrats!
  5. wow thats crazy, congrats, loves it!
  6. woah... your getting pretty serious this month lol... it's beautiful and cant wait too see a pic of it on your wall!!!!
  7. What a cute room! Imagine if that was an entire bedroom???!!!
  8. Very Cool!
  9. It would be an awesome bedroom the giftshop sells the pillows so cute, they also have mugs, stickers, christmas cards, pins, so much stuff they used to have next to nothing
  10. nice, congrats!
  11. It was totally meant to be....yours.
    Whoever said art was boring doesn't know Murakami !!!
    Congratulations on your newest piece of LV artwork !!!!!!!
  12. kewl!!!!
  13. That looks like a very cute room!! Congrats on your new art piece! =)
  14. Wow, how cute! Congrats!
  15. very nice!