And then there was THREE....


Apr 20, 2008
I needed to have just one more bag in my Chanel collection before saying Hasta La Vista my dear's been a pleasure getting acquainted although I don't think my bank account would agree! :graucho:

Anyways, I have been seriously and frustratingly fickle minded (I've owned two classic Jumbo flaps before)! One moment I swore off the classic flaps, and then I was lusting after it again after seeing so many of my friends using it. Gaaahhhhh!!

So without further ado, I hereby present the latest addition to my family.

Black Caviar Jumbo in GHW!

Her sister....the Black Patent GST in SWH!

Last but not least...the youngest of them all...the Half Moon WOC in Burgundy!

Family portrait!

Oh and btw, I received a birthday card from Chanel. How sweet of them and the quote in the card is oh so true! Amen to that Mademoiselle Chanel!

My collection is now complete. Time to get that block of ice and freeze all my credit cards! :amuse:

Thanks for letting me share!
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Sep 4, 2007
Nice Collection!! I have the same Jumbo in GHW as well...:smile: I'm looking into getting the mini and m/l and I should be done . :smile: