And the winner of the $899 Olsen Tote was.....

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  1. WOW, she used another ebay account to win that auction? I don't recall the same id. That's quite sneaky?
  2. umm I'm kinda lost:confused1:
  3. I know a few that use different accounts for buying/selling. Also quite a few that snap up bargains & resell for a profit.

    They must sit at the computer & refresh all day long.... Rarely do I see such a bargain & I search pretty often!
  4. She used a diff UserID?!?! I guess that ID she uses to buy stuff for her ebay store. NOT FAIR!!! LOL
  5. U mean the $899 olsen tote was this seller? I always lookin forward for her new chanel stuffs, wow....can't believe dat the price dat she posted was like 3x as wat she paid gosh~~
  6. Geeez....maybe I should do the same. :lol:
  7. wow!! that's some profit:lol::lol:
  8. Wow!! So that's how it's done.......:wtf:
  9. Clever girl.
  10. who is kamaoles? is she a tpfer?
  11. it looks so new
    who is this kamoles btw
  12. I'm not sure who she is, but she apparently has a couple user IDs she buys with:

    and then sells:

    She's super fast and gets great deals, that's for sure!!

    :heart:I hope a lovely PF'er gets the Olsen tote for a good price!!!:heart:
    BTW- I know this was addressed elsewhere but if a PF'er got the other black/tan olsen tote that was on ebay and just ended- please please return it, it was a FAKE!!!
  13. OMG, I'm all for making a profit -but that's almost 3 times the original purchase price. More power to this person though for being up on her info and being able to take advantage of a good deal. -Although that doesn't mean I like resellers who hike up the prices like that... it definitely contributes to hiking up the rest of the prices on ebay for Chanel.