And the winner of ANTM Cycle 7 is . . .

I agree!! I thought Melrose tried too hard, maybe if she had a little more experience or practice, she could be a great model, but she seemed sterotypical in what models do(like how they walk runway and do photo shoots.) She wasn't herself. I liked Caridee, she had personality.
And the funny thing was, when Monique was in the house, I sided with Melrose and thought Monique was a psychotic *****. When Monique left, Monique gradually became the 'villain.'
Originally I wanted Anchal, Amanda or Michelle to win.

But since all of them were out, it was between Eugenia and Caridee. I kept arguing with myself, "But Melrose is so beautiful!" I knew I didn't want her to win when she called Caridee a 'ho.'
Don't hate me...
but I'm soooo upset that Melrose didn't win:mad: .....she has everything the judges asking for, beauty, determination, drive, professional knowledge of fashion....What does Caridee have? I can't stand her performance in the runway show, thats freaking hilarious. Maybe she can do commercial photos but definitely not runways...:sick:
P.S i think age was another factor that judges didn't pick Melrose, especially Nigel:rant: , he kept saying she was too old through the cycle, then why on earth they chose her in the first place!!??!?!?!?
In the end, I think it really hinged on the Cover Girl shoot because they publish that ad, right? None of the judges really liked Melrose's ad, and Caridee's was better. Aside from personalities, I thought that Melrose was the stronger model.

And, I have to admit, Caridee's constant talk about her psorasis in that last episode (or what they decided to edit and show) bugged me. I can relate to her condition because I have really dry skin on my legs to the point where there is permanent scaring despite constant moisturizing with prescribed lotion, but she's SO FREAKIN gorgeous that it really bugged me that it seemed like she was really trying for the sympathy vote.
i am so glad that caridee won, anyone but melrose. through out the whole series, melrose really got on my nerve, especially when she started winning most of the challenges. watched the tyra banks show with monique, she still doesn't think that she was wrong during her stay on the show. you can see tyra's face like "yeah right!". i enjoyed this season's ANTM.
What did Melrose do wrong? What's wrong with winning most of the challenges and caring about herself??It's a competition for Gods sake!! Its not that easy to win so many challenges, she worked really hard for it!!!

I think Caridee has a beautiful (actress-like) face, but she's NOT a model. Melrose is so much better, plus her look is so unique, she's gonna make it without the ANTM title:yes: !!!!!
Yes, Melrose was beautiful and she knew a lot about the fashion industry, but it all boiled down to her not being genuine and the way she treated everyone else. (That was Jade's downfall last cycle.)
I liked them both but thought Melrose totally deserved it more. She was more professional in everything and kicked BUTT on the last runway! I never thought she was fake or a witch...she was professional, serious, and not interested in chit chat or making friends during the competition.

I definitely wanted Anchal to win though! And I'm already ready for next season! :smile:
YAY!!!!!! :yahoo:

I soooooooooooo wanted Caridee to win from the very first episode. I hope she's able to improve that walk though...that might have been one of the most disappointing final fashion show performances that has ever been on ANTM... :wtf:
I think it's hard to let her be the winner when she seemed like such a b*tch on tv. I think a lot of viewers (myself included) would protest. Of course we want the nice girl to win, not the manipulative/b*tchy one.
Melrose was professional and determined, but there's also friendliness, courtesy and sympathy. I think if all the girls in the house didn't like her, there must be sometihng wrong.
I think if all the girls in the house didn't like her, there must be sometihng wrong.

Yes, there's something "wrong" with Melrose-->she is so much better and stronger than any girl in the house, thats why everyone hates her....:yucky: Melrose really put herself out there and worked hard on every single task!!!!

She is going to make it to the top anyway, without a doubt:jammin: !!!