And The Winner Is?

  1. These two lovelies are on their way from that wicked 30% off Blue Sale page items on Bluefly. I've not seen either IRL just yet, but wondered what you guys thought. If you could only keep one, which would it be? The bronze is Jimmy Choo and the tan is Dolce & Gabbana. The prices are only a few dollars different. TIA!:tender:
    chooo.jpg D&G.jpg
  2. the bronze!! the bronze is so lovely!

    the tan is nice too, but not as special..
  3. I like the D & G. Both bags are great though.
  4. I'd keep the bronze one. The tan one looks pretty plain to me.
  5. I think I've seen the bronze Jimmy Choo IRL - if it's the one I saw, it is stunning (a bit edgy, but not over the top). I'd keep that one. The D&G is pretty too, but doesn't seem as special (of course, it may be totally different when you see it in person).
  6. My vote is the Jimmy Choo Bronze too!
  7. Jimmy Choo!
  8. the bronze so pretty!
  9. Ooh...I have a thing for bronze lately! I like that one...more of an edge.
  10. You guys are making my decision easy! :nuts:

    Yes, I prefer the edgy look in my bags (and shoes) so the Choo has my heart from that perspective. However, I'm a D&G fan from way back and LOVE the satin leopard lining it has and the more classic design.

    I could have made this easy and posted two similar bags, couldn't I?:girlsigh:

    I'll post pics of them when they get here if I'm still on the fence. ;)
  11. CHOO CHOO CHOO! (you know I'm partial, Prada) ;)
  12. ^^ I'm on the Choo Choo train, for the same reason!!!!
  13. Well, well! Mr. DHL delivered my goodies today. I'm SO BUMMED! I love the Jimmy Choo, but check out the size of it next to the D&G. The Choo is more like an evening bag! Either the description was incorrect or I just didn't read it that closely, but I thought they were the same sized bags. Sigh! The Choo is going to hit the tracks I'm afraid. I just can't justify even the silly sales price for something that won't hold much more than my wallet and my sunglasses. If anyone wants to buy it, send me a PM before Friday noon. I'll list it on the Marketplace for my cost (inc. shipping) plus the cost to ship to you.

    Now the D&G? Yummy! It's a good size, nice details and yes, that wicked awesome leopard lining. It's probably a keeper, but I'm still a bit on the fence about it. It actually looks much, much nicer than the pics though.

    So, here they are:
    2006_0830Image0015.JPG 2006_0830Image0011.JPG 2006_0830Image0010.JPG 2006_0830Image0009.JPG