And the winner is.....(pics)

  1. ...The Signature Multi Stripe Demi! ... AND the Scribble Ponytail Scarf. :yahoo:
    Thanks for all of you help & input. I got to the store this morning and looked for the Multi Stripe - didn't see the Demi. There were 2 SAs but both were helping someone. I went and looked at the Scribble Demi Satchel - SUPER CUTE, but just from looking and feeling it I could TELL it would get SOOOOO dirty SOOOOOO easy! I also looked at the Hamptons Tote in Green....BEAUTIFUL, but not super versatile. So....they FOUND the Multi Stripe Demi and as soon as they unwrapped it...I WAS SOLD!! :heart:
    I also bought the Scribble Pony Scarf for my eBay find...the denim purse in the pics below. So....what do y'all think?!?!
    IMG_1014.JPG IMG_1012.JPG IMG_1013.JPG
  2. So cute - I love that scarf on the denim bag, and the sig multi stripe is much cuter than it looked online... love your purchases! Congrats!
  3. Adorable and I love that pony tail scarf. Congratulations!
  4. the bag and scarf look great together! congrats!
  5. All your new items are SO cute! I love that scarf. And I'm :drool: over the stripe demi. Congrats! :yahoo:
  6. Glad you bought the demi! Isn't it AMAZING??? I am still totally enamored with mine, and everyone is finally starting to come around after seeing the pics of the multi-stripe demi I posted-- very true that is is much better in person. I've got that scribble scarf too and it's gorgeous. Congrats and enjoy!
  7. Does your new bag have the hot pink lining? Beautiful new purchases. Wear them in good health :smile:
  8. I bought the same bag, the Sig Stripe Demi, the day it came out, and yes it's got that gorgeous hot pink lining. Purse-O-Nality made great buys didn't she?
  9. Love the Demi stripe, and the scarf looks too cute on your eBay find. Enjoy!
  10. I'm in love with your denim bag and the scarf is just perfect on it!
  11. Love love LOVE the scarf! I really want it. :yes:
  12. cute stuff!
  13. Congrats. I really like the scarf on the bag.
  14. Thank you! Yes, I LOVE my purchases. Here's my do I break out my NEW bag in front of DH when I just bought the Ergo Sig Hobo like 3-4 weeks ago!?!?!? DH never mentions anything I wear or carry...he notices, but he never comments (unless he gets the cc bill and has a COW). But, I bought these bags with MY money!! I am SURE it will get brought up this weekend when we are with his parents and SIL - THEY will want to know all about it and I am SURE he'll overhear! .....I don't know if he'd comment or not...probably just about how there's so much more I could do with that money than buy ANOTHER PURSE! HA! :roflmfao: He's clueless. HE gets to spend whatever he wants on Golf, Drinks, etc... and I spend mine on COACH!!! All is fair, right?!?! :yes:
    I am still wondering about the denim bag - do I LOVE it or not?!?! Right now I am not so sure, but seeing the pics, I think it's super cute. We'll see. Sorry to ramble on so :p
  15. It is all so lovely, got to go to eBay, now!!!:yahoo: