And the RM family continues to grow!

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  1. Its true what they say, once you get one its not to long before you NEED another one!

    I got my first RM, a black MN in July and a couple weeks later was lusting after more. So without further ado, I present my second RM, Alligator MAM.


    and with strap

  2. Oh wow, I've never seen that one before. It's beautiful!
    And yes, wanting more RM after getting the 1st one seems to be very normal to me.
  3. It's only just begun!!!
  4. Beautiful bag!
  5. ive never seen this bag either...where did you manage to find this Alligator MAM, Jenny? :smile:

    its very pretty
  6. Beautiful, Jenny! Is the brown alligator from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?
  7. Well I got it at Winners, in Canada, but it did have the Nordstroms tag in it still, its the glazed brown croc. HTH, lol I am always just so happy when I can find RM in person. It has the Blue lining with Black polka dots so I think its from this spring. If anyone can correct me on this feel free!!
  8. Gorgeous color! Congrats on your 2nd addition!
  9. Ooo, pretty! Definitely a MAM that will never go out of style! Congrats!
  10. Gorgeous MAM, love the Croc!
  11. Nice buy! I went to Winners today too and they had that but in black and fuscia! And they had a fuschia MAC too! And a light purple matty! And a light brown mini nikki! LOL I might go back for the MAC, it was like a little RM party !
  12. Jealous sabrunka the Edmonton winners do not get nearly that many RM bags, the one here also had black and fushia MAMs but there is just something about brown for me, probably because it reminds me of chocolate.....

    I want a MAC and a Belle next, haha so get that MAC! And post many pics!!