And the python shall lie down with the lamb...

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  1. So I'm technically on a ban, but this is too insanely gorgeous to count! (And it was SERIOUSLY on sale!) I won't be a big tease but these first few pics are cute, promise.

    Ginormous box from FedEx...whatever could it be?! (Baby shown for size reference and because her mommy thinks she more precious than anything that could come in a box.) Apparently baby girl thinks MJ is highly kissable!

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  2. OMG she's so adorable!
  3. my god! did they need to send it in a box that size?! it's not that big. your baby could live in there. she is too cute. i love her.
  4. This bag is, IMHO, the ultimate MJ bag! Presenting my new beige Alyona with black snakeskin trim! The description on Neiman's website calls the hardware "antique brass" and I think the fact that it's actually gunmetal IRL is the only thing keeping this from being my perfect bag. But it's close enough to perfect for me!! :heart: The beige color is darker than I expected, but that actually makes it more versatile and looks amazing with the black trim IMO. It's divided like a Hudson but it's very light and comfortable to carry. I'm in love!!!!

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  5. soooooo pretty pm! now we are officially bag sistas!!! horrray love that color combo! take it she's a keeper huh????? and your dd is the freaking cutest!!! congrats
  6. Couple of closeups b/c the lambskin and snakeskin are so incredible!

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  7. oh my god! :faint:
    I DIE!! :faint:
    could it be more perfect?!?!? :faint:
    OMG i want one! :faint:
    PM, if ever you should want to lend this to someone for safe keeping...or just let me borrow it sometime... :graucho: im always here
  8. it's stunning. absolutely incredible. i love the color and the snakeskin trim just makes it that much more luxe and amazing! gah! you're making me regret not trading in my stam for the alyona. :Push:
  9. PM ~ she's so freakin adorable!! Looks like she can't wait to lick some MJ! :P

    The alyona is gorgeous!!! It's one of my fave bags, ever and it looks great on you! Congrats on finding one! :woohoo:
  10. ^ :roflmfao: so cute!
  11. Both your babies are gorgeous!
  12. oooh, it's GORGEOUS PM!!! so glad you were able to find it. Congratulations!!! And baby monkey looks like she can't wait until she's old enough for one of her own!
  13. awww, your DD is so CUTE, PM!!

    And I :heart: the Aloyna on you - just gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!
  14. PM- Stunning bag!! The alyona has always been one of my favorite styles. THe three compartments and outside design are very reminiscent of the hudson. It looks great on you as well! Looks like your DD favors the bag too. hehe!
  15. Thanks, everyone! I'm adjusting to the silver HW (I've had only gold for so long now!) but overall I just couldn't love it more! I really believe if I had to choose only one bag to keep at this point, this would be it. I think it will look great with just about anything and I can't stop petting it! Soooo soft! Okay, NOW I'm on a ban, lol.