And the price is..... price of Helmuts ?


Apr 15, 2007
We all know that the price of CLs on auction sites can be a little misleading. Sometimes we pay more than retail for a pair b/c they are HTF or SUPER DUPER rare and we have been looking for a long time. Other times, we walk away with a crazy deal and wonder how we got so lucky. There is a pair of Helmuts on an auction site and from what I can tell, they are selling for barely less than retail and I thought I heard they were on sale in the stores at one point (Helmuts, not exotic and not sequined). If they were on sale in stores, than they are selling online for WAY more than they were on sale for and may I add that they are not super rare. What price were patent helmuts selling for in stores in the fall?
Also-What is the most over retail that you paid for an item? Do only crazy people do this?:girlwhack:


Jun 15, 2009
Houston, TX
I think they were $595 (or roundabout) in price last year. If memory serves (which isn't always the case, LOL!).

I think paying over retail is actually just subjective to the buyer. In MY case, I wear a size 35 or 35.5 and listings aren't always poping up for this size. If a pair of shoes were to pop up that I knew I may not be able to get elsewhere in my size, I'd pay retail or even a little over if I wanted the shoes bad enough (and seller got them on sale). It just depends on how badly I want the shoes!


Aug 18, 2006
$595-the blue went on sale at Barneys, but don't believe any others did. The red metal may have??


Jul 27, 2008
i got mine (black kid) from horatio boutique for $595 about 2 years ago... they did not go on sale at the boutiques as they are considered a classic.

i think it's subjective to the buyer as well, how much they want the shoe, and how much they want to pay for it. certain older/vintage styles which are impossible to find now may go for a much higher price than they retailed for... supply and demand i guess.

i paid slightly over retail for my black python y'opens and ivory python jaws, but those were two of my HGs, and i came to CL late in the game when they were no longer available in stores/boutiques... i know the only place i would ever find them was on ebay... they were both brand new in box though. i do not regret it to this day!