And the paranoia set in

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  1. Ok so on one of my bags the vachetta stamp (the litte square patch sewn on the inside of the bag) anyways its where it says "LOUIS VUITTON" and then underneath "made in france" anyways it was bought from fashionphile and the boutique wont authenticate it, but it got dirty and i rubbed it hard with a baby wipe and while the dirt is gone the embossing or w.e it is more noticably faded and after some bad thign I have been hearing about them I am having doubts about authenticity. Am I just terribly paranoid. thanks guys srry to take ur time. :s
  2. I wouldnt' worry about it too much...they sell a lot of the same item (they've sold at least french purses and is selling one right now in the past two weeks) but so far all of them that I've inspected have appeared to be authetic. What did you buy from them?
  3. They always sell authentic items..wanna share the pics or auction link?
  4. I don't think that the stores will authenticate anymore, so I would not take that as an indicator that anything is wrong. And if you rubbed it hard, I would not be surprised if it faded a little. Why don't you post some pics?
  5. maybe there was dirt trapped inside the embossed stamp so it was darker before you cleaned it and now that u took the dirt off, its lighter or faded looking. I do notice that when i use baby wipe to clean vachetta straps, it takes off some of the reddish-brown dye on the sides so that could be another possibility.
  6. can you provide a picture?
  7. I cannot as my camera isnt working properly! :crybaby: sorry, but the encouraging comments helped! I just read something mirroirprincess wrote a while back about their not so good reputation (they seem to pull all their negative/neutral feedbacks somehow (I belive both buyer and seller agree to remove them)

    well I bought a few items, this one in particular was a damier geant pice, now another thing the nylon weaving is coming SLIGHTLY undone/frayed on the edges will it keep unraveling and can I just cut off the loose ends? and if it comes undone completely will LV be able to replace the front flap of canvas/damier geant material ?